50th Anniversary- 1985

In August 1985 the Social Security Bulletin published a special 50th anniversary issue. This is the content of that issue.

Fifty Years Ago (editorial)

Ronald Reagan- Message from the President

Margaret M. Heckler- Message from the Secretary

Martha A. McSteen "Social Security--Reflections and Projects"

John A. Svahn "Magic Moments at the Helm"

William J. Driver "The Original Act--It Was Just the Beginning"

Stanford G. Ross "Meeting the Income Security Needs of the Nation"

James Bruce Cardwell "Social Security: 50 Years Young"

Robert M. Ball "Restoring Financial Stability to Social Security"

Charles T. Schottland "Major Developments in Social Security During 1954-58"

Wilbur J. Cohen "The Early Days of Social Security"

John J. Corson "Social Security--A Recollection"

Alvin M. David "And that has made all the difference"

Jack S. Futterman "Social Security and its Founding Staff"

Ida C. Merriam "Celebrating a 50th Anniversary"

Robert J. Myers "Actuarial Reminiscences on Social Security over a Century--50 Years Past and 50 Years Future"

Jo Anne B. Ross "AFDC--It's Our Birthday, too!"

Fifty Years of Social Security by Martha A. McSteen