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Picture "Slider" Puzzles

Slide Puzzle #10


INSTRUCTIONS: Try to reassemble the image into proper form. Click on a tile to move it to an adjacent empty square. If you cannot solve the puzzle click on the SOLVE button and it will magically solve before your eyes! The SCRAMBLE button will rescramble the puzzle, in case you want to solve it again, or just to get a different arrangement of the pieces. The DETACH button allows the puzzle to move freely as a separate window. When the image is detached the button will change to ATTACH, which will anchor the puzzle again.

Picture: Social Security Records

This is how Social Security stored its records in the days before the first electronic computers. Each ledger sheet contains hundreds of little paper-covered bamboo strips which list a worker's name, date of birth and Social Security Number. These files were in use from 1936 until 1959, when the first computer was installed at SSA.


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