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Committee on Economic Security


Unpublished CES Studies

pen nib   Volume V.
Employment Opportunities
There were 10 volumes of unpublished studies produced by the staff of the Committee on Economic Security (CES). This is Volume V, focused on issues of employment.
1 Planned Organization for the Extension of Employment Opportunity and Economic Security, by Eveline M. Burns.
2 Appendix I: Who are the Unemployed? A Statistical Analysis of Employment Office Records, by Gladys L. Palmer.
3 Appendix II: Employment Opportunity for the Middle-Aged and Older Worker: A Statistical Summary, by Wilbur J. Cohen and I. Rittenhouse.
4 Appendix III: The United States Employment Service: History and Development, by Gladys L. Palmer.
5 Appendix IV: A Survey of Occupational Studies, by O. Milton Hall.
6 Appendix V: Program of the Technical Board on Occupational Studies, by U.S. Employment Service
7 Appendix VI: Experimental Guidance Centers--Organization and Budget
8 Appendix VII: A Program of Government Work for the Unemployed: An Appraisal of Philadelphia Experience, by Ewan Clague.
9 Appendix VIII: The Integrated Treatment of Unemployment Insurance, Cash Relief, and Emergency Work, by Eveline M. Burns.
10 Appendix IX: Significant Phases of Foreign Experience, by Eveline M. Burns.
11 The von Papen Subsidy to Industry, by Olga S. Halsey.
12 The Creation of Employment, by Frank D. Graham.
13 The Federal Regulation of Fee-Charging Employment Agencies Doing Business In Interstate and Foreign Commerce, by John B. Andrews.
14 Draft Convention and Recommendation Concerning Fee-Charging Employment Agencies Adopted June 8, 1933, by Olga S. Halsey.


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