International Programs

Social Security Payments Outside the United States


If you are receiving Title II Social Security benefits and are leaving or have already left the United States, the information on this site explains how your payments may be affected. It explains what types of events you need to report and how to report to us so we can make sure you receive all the Title II Social Security payments you are entitled to receive. You can also learn how to conduct Social Security business while outside the United States.

Payments Abroad Screening Tool

The Payments Abroad Screening Tool will help you learn if you can receive benefits outside the United States. By answering a few short questions, you will learn if your Social Security payments will continue.


Here you will find the Social Security publication—Your Payments While You Are Outside the United States. (Spanish) - It explains how your benefits might be affected and other important information you need to know about Social Security outside the United States.

Fact Sheet

Here you will find the English and Spanish version of Social Security Payment Requirements for Most North, Central And South American Citizens Living Outside the United States (01/08) (61-011), Español.

Requirements for Dependents/Survivors

Look here if you receive benefits as a dependent or survivor of the worker as there are additional U.S. residency requirements that may affect your right to receive Social Security payments while you are outside the United States.

How to Contact Social Security

Check here for information about how to contact Social Security, how to report events which may affect payments and which office to contact for services.