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Welcome to SSA’s International Programs home page. This site provides information about:

  • The U.S. program of international Social Security agreements
  • The payment of U.S. Social Security benefits outside the United States
  • Nonresident alien tax withholding from U.S. Social Security benefits
  • Social Security Programs in other countries

International Agreements

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The United States has bilateral Social Security agreements with 30 countries. The agreements improve benefit protection for workers who have divided their careers between the United States and another country. They also eliminate dual Social Security coverage and taxes for multinational companies and expatriate workers.

Select the hyperlinks below for additional information about our Totalization Agreements:

Payments Outside the United States

Select Social Security Payments Outside the United States to find specific information about how your benefits could be affected while you are outside the United States.

Resource Tools

You can use these helpful resource tools to answer specific questions about your benefits.

Social Security in Other Countries

For information about other countries' Social Security programs, check the latest version of "Social Security Programs throughout the World".

We've also provided Links to Social Security Web Pages of other Countries and International Organizations.