National Disability Forum (NDF) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the NDF?

The goal of the NDF is to provide a forum that allows SSA stakeholders to hear different perspectives on issues from members of the public, and from one another. The NDF gives interested stakeholders an opportunity to share their unique insights on topics of particular interest to SSA early in the process and directly with policymakers. It is not intended to be a means for reaching agreement on an issue and SSA participation is for the purpose of gaining insight through listening.

Who can participate in the NDF?

Everyone is welcome to attend NDF, and members of the public can participate by submitting questions at registration or through email during the forum. For each NDF, SSA invites panel members with knowledge of the issue and attempts to attract diverse individuals who can provide all points of view on the issue. Past panelists of NDFs have included: Social Security representatives, individuals with disabilities, advocate organizations, Federal/State/local and tribal government agencies, private companies, members of the medical community, and others interested in assisting individuals with a disability and the SSA disability programs.

How can I share my ideas with the NDF?

There are three ways that you can interact with NDF panelists and SSA’s NDF team:

  1. Submit questions when you register,
  2. Email questions or comments during NDF, and
  3. Complete the post-NDF survey and share your comments, questions, and suggestions.

How often is NDF held, and how do I find out when the next one will be?

SSA’s goal is to hold three NDFs annually. Once you register for an NDF, you will receive email notifications about all future NDFs.

Why is the chat feature turned off during the NDF?

The chat feature is disabled during the NDF to ensure private information is not shared and distractions are minimized during the forum. An email address is provided during the NDF for participants to submit questions for the panel. Questions and comments relevant to the NDF topic are shared with the moderator.