2019 OASDI Trustees Report

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Since the Trustees submitted the 2018 report to Congress, one policy change has been implemented that is expected to have notable effects on the OASDI program.
The Social Security Administration (SSA) implemented the Disability Redesign Prototype model in ten states in 1999. Among other features, the prototype model eliminated the reconsideration step in the disability appeals process. Beginning in 2019, SSA is reinstating the reconsideration step in these states, which will make the process uniform nationwide. This reinstatement is expected to decrease disability incidence rates very slightly beginning in 2020, and thus has a small but significant positive effect on the financial status of the DI program over the short-range period and a negligible positive effect over the long-range projection period.
This report also incorporates the effects of one change in law and one change in policy with negligible effects over the short-range and long-range projection periods:
Sections IV.A.4 and IV.B.6 of this report provide further description of the magnitude of effects on the financial status of the OASDI program.

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