Patty Lane Retires (60 Seconds)

(Music: Patty Duke Show theme music plays)

CATHY: Oh my, Patty. Did you find all your files?

PATTY: Finally…. Who knew it would be this much work when Richard and I decided to retire!

CATHY: Well what are you going to do first?

PATTY: We're heading down to Brooklyn Heights and starting on that Social Security paperwork.

CATHY: Why would you do that?

PATTY: What do you mean?

CATHY: Well, it's so much easier to log onto socialsecurity.gov and file online.

PATTY: Well, what if I need to know how much money I'll be getting?

CATHY: Online

PATTY: Alright, what if our address changes?

CATHY: Online

PATTY: What if I want Medicare too?

CATHY: Online

PATTY: So, how did you get so darn smart anyway?

CATHY: Online!

(Music: "When cousins are two of a kind.)