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Number Date Title Author(s)
148 March 2009 Projections of Immigration for the 2008 Social Security Trustees Report   (PDF) Alice H. Wade, J. Patrick Skirvin, Alvin K. Winters, and Stephen C. Goss
147 March 2006 Variable Supplementary Medical Insurance Premiums   (PDF) Jacqueline Walsh & Bert Kestenbaum
146 June 2005 Death Termination Experience for DI Disabled Workers and SSI Disabled Adults with HIV-related Impairments   (PDF) Nettie Barrick and Tim Zayatz
145 June 2003 Average Interest Rates and Average Time to Maturity for Social Security Trust Fund Investments, 1991-2002   (PDF) Jeffrey L. Kunkel and Terence W. Mei
144 June 2001 Internal Real Rates of Return Under the OASDI Program for Hypothetical Workers   (PDF) Orlo R. Nichols, Michael D. Clingman, and Milton P. Glanz
143 October 2000 Projected Demise of the Special Minimum PIA   (PDF) Craig A. Feinstein