§ 411.171. When does the period of using a ticket end?

The period of using a ticket ends with the earliest of the following—

(a) The last day of the month before the month in which the ticket terminates as a result of one of the events listed in § 411.155 (see § 411.155(a)(4) and (c)(8) for when your ticket terminates if your outcome payment period ends);

(b) The day before the effective date of a decision under § 411.200 or § 411.205 that you are no longer making timely progress toward self-supporting employment;

(c) The last day of the 90-day extension period which begins with the first day of the first month in which your ticket is no longer assigned to an EN or State VR agency acting as an EN (see § 411.145), unless you reassign your ticket within the 90-day extension period (see § 411.220 for an explanation of the 90-day extension period); or

(d) If your ticket was in VR cost reimbursement status as described in § 411.166(j), the 90th day following the date the State VR agency closes your case, unless you assign your ticket during this 90-day period.

[73 FR 29341, May 20, 2008]