§ 416.1141. When the presumed value rule applies.

The presumed value rule applies whenever we must count in-kind support and maintenance as unearned income and the one-third reduction rule does not apply. This means that the presumed value rule applies if you are living—

(a) In another person's household (as described in § 416.1132(b)) but not receiving both food and shelter from that person;

(b) In your own household (as described in § 416.1132(c)). For exceptions, see § 416.1142 if you are in a public assistance household and § 416.1143 if you are in a noninstitutional care situation;

(c) In a nonmedical institution including any—

(1) Public nonmedical institution if you are there for less than a full calendar month;

(2) Public or private nonprofit educational or vocational training insitution;

(3) Private nonprofit retirement home or similar institution where there is an express obligation to provide your full support and maintenance or where someone else pays for your support and maintenance. For exceptions, see § 416.1144; and

(4) For-profit institution where someone else pays for your support and maintenance. If you or the institution pay for it, see § 416.1145.