§ 416.1821. Showing that you are married when you apply for SSI.

(a) General rule: Proof is unnecessary. If you tell us you are married we will consider you married unless we have information to the contrary. We will also consider you married, on the basis of your statement, if you say you are living with an unrelated person of the opposite sex and you both lead people to believe you are married. However, if we have information contrary to what you tell us, we will ask for evidence as described in paragraph (c).

(b) Exception: If you are a child to whom parental deeming rules apply. If you are a child to whom the parental deeming rules apply and we receive information from you or others that you are married, we will ask for evidence of your marriage. The rules on deeming parental income are in §§ 416.1165 and 416.1166. The rules on deeming of parental resources are in § 416.1202.

(c) Evidence of marriage. If paragraph (a) or (b) of this section indicates that you must show us evidence that you are married, you must show us your marriage certificate (which can be the original certificate, a certified copy of the public record of marriage, or a certified copy of the church record) if you can. If you cannot, you must tell us why not and give us whatever evidence you can.

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