§ 422.510. Applications and related forms used in the health insurance for the aged program.

(a) Application forms. The following forms are prescribed for use in applying for entitlement to benefits under the health insurance for the aged program:

SSA-18—Application for Hospital Insurance Entitlement. (For use by individuals who are not entitled to retirement benefits under title II of the Social Security Act or under the Railroad Retirement Act. This form may also be used for enrollment in the supplementary medical insurance benefits plan.)

SSA-40—Application for Enrollment in the Supplementary Medical Insurance Program. (This form is mailed directly to beneficiaries at the beginning of their initial enrollment period.)

SSA-40A—Application for Enrollment in Supplementary Medical Insurance. (For use by civil service employees who are not eligible for enrollment in the hospital insurance plan.)

SSA-40B—Application for Medical Insurance. (For general use in requesting medical insurance protection.)

SSA-40C—Application for Enrollment. (This form is mailed to beneficiaries as a followup on Form SSA-40 (Application for Enrollment in the Supplementary Medical Insurance Program).)

SSA-40F—Application for Medical Insurance. (For use by beneficiaries residing outside the United States.)

An individual who upon attainment of age 65 is entitled to a monthly benefit based on application OA-C1, SSA-2, OA-C7, OA-C10, SSA-10A, OA-C13, or SSA-14 is automatically entitled to hospital insurance protection. (For conditions of entitlement to hospital insurance benefits, see 42 CFR part 405, subpart A. For medical insurance protection, an applicant must request supplementary medical insurance coverage (see Forms SSA-40, SSA-40A, SSA-40B, SSA-40C, and SSA-40F under § 422.510(a)). (For conditions of entitlement to supplementary medical insurance benefits, see 42 CFR part 405, subpart B.)

(b) Related forms. The following are the prescribed forms for use in requesting payment for services under the hospital insurance benefits program and the supplementary medical insurance benefits program and other related forms:

SSA-1453—Inpatient Hospital and Extended Care Admission and Billing. (To be completed by hospital for payment of hospital expenses for treatment of patient confined in hospital.)

SSA-1483—Provider Billing for Medical and Other Health Services. (To be completed by hospital for payment of hospital expenses for treatment of patient who is not confined in the hospital.)

SSA-1484—Explanation of Accommodation Furnished. (To be completed by the hospital to explain accommodation of a patient in other than a semiprivate (two- to four-bed) room.)

SSA-1486—Inpatient Admission and Billing—Christian Science Sanatorium. (To be completed by a Christian Science sanatorium for payment for treatment of patients confined in the sanatorium.)

SSA-1487—Home Health Agency Report and Billing. (For use by an organization providing home health services.)

SSA-1490—Request for Medicare Payment. (For use by patient or physician to request payment for medical expenses.)

SSA-1554—Provider Billing for Patient Services by Physicians. (For use by hospital for payment for services provided by hospital-based physicians.)

SSA-1556—Prepayment Plan for Group Medical Practices Dealing Through a Carrier. (For use by organizations (which have been determined to be group practice prepayment plans for medicare purposes) for reimbursement for medical services provided to beneficiaries.)

SSA-1660—Request for Information—Medicare Payment For Services to a Patient Now Deceased. (For use in requesting amounts payable under title XVIII to a deceased beneficiary.)

SSA-1739—Request for Enrollment Card Information by Foreign Beneficiary. (Used to notify beneficiaries approaching age 65 who reside in foreign countries that they are eligible to enroll for SMI. They return this form if they wish additional information and an application, SSA-40F.)

SSA-1966—Health Insurance Card. (This card is issued to a person entitled to benefits under the health insurance for the aged program and designates whether he is entitled to hospital insurance benefits or supplementary medical insurance benefits or both.

SSA-1980—Carrier or Intermediary Request for SSA Assistance.

SSA-2384—Third Party Premium Billing Request. (For use by a nonbeneficiary enrollee who must pay premiums by direct remittance and is having his premium notices sent to a third party to assure continuance of supplementary medical insurance.)

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