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Chapter I-2-0. Initial Processing of a Request for Hearing

Table of Contents

I-2-0-1The Electronic Disability Process
I-2-0-2Hearing Operation — In General
I-2-0-10Initial Actions on Receipt of Case
I-2-0-5Hearing Office Chief Administrative Law Judge, Administrative Law Judge, and Hearing Office Staff Responsibilities
I-2-0-8Accommodations Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
I-2-0-15Hearing by Video Teleconferencing or Telephone- Overview
I-2-0-20Acknowledgement of Request for Hearing
I-2-0-21Objection to Appearing at Hearing by Video Teleconferencing
I-2-0-40Request for Hearing Filing Requirements
I-2-0-60Good Cause for Late Filing
I-2-0-65Congressional Inquiry Requesting or Implying a Request for a Hearing
I-2-0-70Hearing Office Service Area
I-2-0-72Assigning and Processing Requests for Hearing Filed by Claimants Who Do Not Reside in the United States
I-2-0-92Exhibit - Enclosure With Letter to Unrepresented Claimant