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Chapter I-2-1. Prehearing Analysis and Case Workup

Table of Contents

I-2-1-5Conducting Prehearing Case Analysis and Workup
I-2-1-10Claim(s) File
I-2-1-11Non-Receipt of Paper Claim(s) File
I-2-1-12Reconstructed Paper Claim(s) File
I-2-1-13Prior Claim(s) Files
I-2-1-14Appeals Council Requests Missing Paper Claim(s) File
I-2-1-20Preparation of Exhibit List
I-2-1-24Handling Information Submitted or Associated in a Claim(s) File About a Person Other Than a Party to the Hearing
I-2-1-30Professional Qualifications of Medical Sources
I-2-1-31Professional Qualifications of Vocational Sources
I-2-1-32Disqualification and Referrals of Medical Experts, Vocational Experts, or Consultative Examiners
I-2-1-35Examination of Proposed Exhibits and Other Claim(s) File Material
I-2-1-37Threats of Violence and Alternative Service Letter Procedures
I-2-1-40Critical Cases
I-2-1-45Parties to the Hearing
I-2-1-50Death of Claimant
I-2-1-55Assignment of Service Area Cases to Administrative Law Judges
I-2-1-57Transfer and Assignment of Non-Service Area Cases to Another Hearing Office
I-2-1-58Transfer and Assignment of Cases to a National Hearing Center
I-2-1-59Identifying and Tracking Court Remands
I-2-1-60Disqualification of an Administrative Law Judge Assigned to a Case
I-2-1-70Foreign Language Interpreters
I-2-1-72Interpreters — Hearing-impaired Claimant
I-2-1-74Contacting Hearing-impaired Claimants With Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf
I-2-1-75Prehearing Conference
I-2-1-80The Right to Representation
I-2-1-82Claimant Waives the Right to Appear at the Hearing
I-2-1-85Requesting Clarification of Appeals Council Remand Orders - Policy
I-2-1-86Formal Requests for Clarification - Procedures
I-2-1-87Expedited Requests for Clarification - Procedures
I-2-1-88Appeals Council Feedback Initiative
I-2-1-90Hearing Office Staff Referrals of Possible Policy or Procedural Issues
I-2-1-91Sample - Letter to Unrepresented Claimant Confirming Prehearing Conference
I-2-1-92Sample - Letter to Representative Confirming Prehearing Conference
I-2-1-94Exhibit - Critical Case Flag
I-2-1-95Exhibit – Critical Request Evaluation Sheet
I-2-1-96Exhibit – Military Service Casualty Disability Case Flag
I-2-1-99Exhibit – Letter to Appointed Representative Declining Recusal and Returning Evidence That Does Not Relate to the Pending Claim