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Chapter I-2-4. Dismissals

Table of Contents

I-2-4-5Dismissing a Request for Hearing
I-2-4-10Vacating an Order of Dismissal at the Request of a Claimant
I-2-4-11Requesting Jurisdiction From Appeals Council When Request for Hearing Was Dismissed
I-2-4-15Request for Hearing Not Timely Filed
I-2-4-20Claimant Asks to Withdraw Request for Hearing
I-2-4-22Claimant Requests Withdrawal of Application at Hearing Level
I-2-4-25Dismissal Due to Claimant's Failure to Appear
I-2-4-30Dismissal — No Right to a Hearing
I-2-4-35Dismissal Due to Death of a Claimant
I-2-4-37Dismissal After Court Remand
I-2-4-40Administrative Res Judicata
I-2-4-45Revised Determinations
I-2-4-55Dismissal Returned As Undeliverable
I-2-4-90Table of Dismissal Codes
I-2-4-91Exhibit — Form SSA-5002 When Claimant Does Not Appear On Time For a Hearing
I-2-4-95Exhibit—Decision When Claimant Abandons Claim After Sentence Six Court Remand
I-2-4-96Exhibit—Dismissal After Sentence Four District Court Remand
I-2-4-98List of Prototype States
I-2-4-99Case Processing When a Claimant Moves Into or Out of a Prototype State During the Appeals Process