I-2-5-62.Non-Medical Evidence — General

Last Update: 9/28/05 (Transmittal I-2-68)

A. Determining Whether the Evidence Is Sufficient for the ALJ to Make Determinations Regarding Relevant Non-Medical Issues

The ALJ or an HO staff person the ALJ designates must review all of the evidence in the record before the hearing to determine whether it is sufficient for a full and fair inquiry into the matters at issue, including such issues as the claimant's insured status, work history, education, income and resources, and relationship and dependency.

B. Developing Non-Medical Evidence

If this review indicates that additional non-medical evidence is needed, the HO staff must undertake appropriate development. The HO staff must make every effort to obtain all essential documentary evidence early enough to allow the ALJ sufficient time to consider the evidence before the hearing. (See I-2-1-1, Prehearing Case Analysis and Workup — General, and I-2-1-5, Conducting Prehearing Case Analysis and Workup.)