I-2-6-50.Administrative Law Judge Introduction at the Hearing

Last Update: 10/14/16 (Transmittal I-2-193)

Before making an opening statement at a hearing (see Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law manual I-2-6-52), the administrative law judge (ALJ) will:

In rare circumstances, a person that the ALJ does not consider necessary and proper to the proceedings (see 20 CFR 404.944 and 416.1444) may ask to be present during the hearing. In this situation, if the ALJ finds the person's presence would not disrupt the hearing and the ALJ otherwise has no objection to the person's presence at the hearing, the ALJ will ask the claimant if he or she objects to the person being present. If a claimant objects to the person's presence, the ALJ will not allow the person to attend the hearing.