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Chapter I-2-8. Administrative Law Judge Decisions

Table of Contents

I-2-8-5Effect of an Administrative Law Judge's Decision - Administrative Finality
I-2-8-6Benefit Termination in Medical Cessation Cases
I-2-8-7Continuation of Disability Payments in Medical Cessation Remand Cases
I-2-8-13Brief or Written Statement Supplied by Claimant or Representative in Support of a Fully Favorable Decision
I-2-8-15Recommended Decisions
I-2-8-16Administrative Law Judge Decision When Prior Claim Is Pending in Court
I-2-8-18Administrative Law Judge Decision When Case Remanded by Court
I-2-8-19Oral Decisions on the Record (Bench Decisions)
I-2-8-20Instructions to Decision Writers
I-2-8-25Writing the Decision
I-2-8-30Issuing a Disability Decision When a Claim Is Appealed on a Non-Disability Issue
I-2-8-35Decision When Record Includes Evidence That is Potentially Detrimental to a Claimant's Health
I-2-8-37When Decision Is Needed if Claimant Dies While Request for Hearing Is Pending
I-2-8-40Administrative Law Judge Conducts Hearing but Is Unavailable to Issue Decision
I-2-8-43Administrative Law Judge Electronic Signature of Fully Favorable and Partially Favorable Decisions
I-2-8-45Case Processing and Management System Case Routing
I-2-8-50Handling Hearing Recordings After Decision (Paper Claim(s) Files Only)
I-2-8-55Decision Returned as Undeliverable
I-2-8-80Federal Salary Offset Procedures
I-2-8-90Exhibit - Court Remand Case Flag
I-2-8-91Exhibit - Office of the General Counsel
I-2-8-94Exhibit - Court Remand Case Routing
I-2-8-97Exhibit - Decision
I-2-8-99Exhibit - SSI Payment Status Request
I-2-8-100Exhibit - Supplemental Security Income Notice
I-2-8-101Exhibit - Supplemental Security Income Notice
I-2-8-102Exhibit - Supplemental Security Income Notice
I-2-8-103Exhibit - Response to Inquiry by Individual/Representative Regarding Title XVI Payment Continuation
I-2-8-104Exhibit - Hearing Office Memorandum - Termination of Continued Disability Payments/Benefits
I-2-8-105Exhibit – Language for the Notice of Continuation of Disability Payments in Title II Only Medical Cessation Remand Cases