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Chapter I-3-0. Office of Appellate Operations and Appeals Council – Functions and Workloads

Table of Contents

I-3-0-1General Description of the Office of Appellate Operations and Appeals Council
I-3-0-7Office of Appellate Operations Geographic Assignments
I-3-0-10Appeals Council Jurisdiction- Requests for Review and Own Motion Review
I-3-0-20Quality Assurance Reviews
I-3-0-25Division of Civil Actions
I-3-0-30Executive Director's Office
I-3-0-35Congressional and Public Affairs Branch
I-3-0-40Attorney Fee Branch
I-3-0-50Subsidy Appeals Unit and Appeal of Medicare Part D Subsidies
I-3-0-55Processing Referrals From the Railroad Retirement Board
I-3-0-65Expedited Appeals Process – Constitutional Challenge to Social Security Act
I-3-0-88Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973