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Chapter I-3-1. Initial Processing of a Request for Review

Table of Contents

I-3-1-1Filing a Request for Review
I-3-1-2Receipt of Request for Review
I-3-1-3Hearing Office Re-Activates Case Before Request for Review Processed
I-3-1-4Civil Action Filed Prematurely
I-3-1-5Critical Case Procedures
I-3-1-6Exhibit - TERI Flag (Form SSA-2200)
I-3-1-7Exhibit - Critical Case Flag
I-3-1-10Initial Screening — General
I-3-1-12Screening for Hearing Recording
I-3-1-14Requests for Extension of Time to Submit Evidence or Arguments
I-3-1-16OAO Branch Screening for Benefit Termination in Medical Cessation Cases
I-3-1-20Organization of Claim(s) File
I-3-1-21Requests for Copies of Exhibits and Other Claim(s) File Material
I-3-1-23Requesting Paper Claim(s) File
I-3-1-25Branch Responsibilities When Claim Is Remanded and Hearing Office Does Not Receive Claim(s) File
I-3-1-26Exhibit – Claim(s) File and Hearing Recording Search Checklist
I-3-1-30Requests to Escalate a Claim to the Appeals Council
I-3-1-40Disqualification of an Administrative Appeals Judge or Appeals Officer Assigned to a Case
I-3-1-50Threats of Violence by Claimants and Others
I-3-1-60Providing Spanish Language Translations of Notices
I-3-1-62Translation of Claim(s) File Documents
I-3-1-70Special Notices for the Blind or Visually Impaired
I-3-1-92Exhibit - Transcript Request