I-3-1-12.OAO Branch Screening of Case for Recordings

Last Update: 7/23/15 (Transmittal I-3-120)

Upon receipt of the claim file, branch staff must check the file for the recording of the hearing (cassette tape or compact disc). The file should contain a hearing recording unless the Administrative Law Judge issued a dismissal, an on-the-record decision, or a favorable decision.

Since September 2005, hearing offices have been responsible for removing recordings from claim files of those cases in which a fully or partially favorable decision is issued, entering the recording information in the Mega-site Information Management System (MIMS), temporarily storing the recordings in the hearing office and ultimately sending the recordings to ODAR Headquarters for storage in the OAO Mega-site (See I-2-8-50 B). Branch staff will, therefore, reassociate the recording(s) in favorable decision cases by requesting the recording from the hearing office, the OAO Mega-site, or Federal Records Center (FRC) using the MIMS.

Allow 30 days for the Division of Program Support to respond if the recording is housed in the hearing office or the FRC. If necessary, follow up with the Program Support Officer by e-mail after the 30th workday. If the recording is housed in the OAO Mega-site, allow 10 days for the OAO Mega-site to respond. If necessary, follow up with the OAO Mega-site manager by e-mail after the 10th workday. In Critical or TERI/MSCC/CAL cases, follow-up requests should be hand-carried to the Program Support Officer or by telephone with the OAO Mega-site manager.