I-3-1-10.OAO Branch Screening — General

Last Update: 7/23/15 (Transmittal I-3-120)

When the OAO branch receives the request for review and the claim file, branch staff will promptly screen the case as discussed below.


Cases in which the claimant may have a terminal illness (“TERI” cases) and other critical cases requiring special handling (e.g., Military Service Casualty Case (MSCC) or Compassionate Allowance (CAL) cases) are identified by either a TERI flag (SSA-2200), MSCC flag, or CRITICAL CASE flag (see exhibits in I-3-1-6, POMS DI 11005.003H, and I-3-1-7) on the front of the claim file, the remark “TERI/MSCC/CAL Case” or “Critical Case” on the request for review and/or a critical case characteristic designation in ARPS.


Upon receipt of a request for review on a TERI/MSCC/CAL or Critical case, the OAO Branch will immediately request the file from the mega-site via MIMS or e-mail.