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Chapter I-3-2. General Workup and Analysis Procedures

Table of Contents

I-3-2-1Overview-Analyst Actions on Requests for Review
I-3-2-3Actions Before Making Recommendations to the Appeals Council
I-3-2-5Recommendation to Appeals Council
I-3-2-8Recording Audit Requirements
I-3-2-9Recording Audit Requirements: Court Remand Cases
I-3-2-11Referral to the Medical Support Staff (MSS)
I-3-2-12Obtaining Earnings Information and Queries
I-3-2-15Claimant Informs the Appeals Council About Additional Evidence
I-3-2-16Proffering Evidence Received by the Appeals Council
I-3-2-17Handling Proffer Issues When Evidence Was Received at Hearing Level
I-3-2-18Samples — Proffering Evidence Through the Field Office
I-3-2-20New Application Filed While Request for Appeals Council Review Is Pending
I-3-2-21Processing Subsequent Claims When a Prior Claim Is Pending Judicial Review
I-3-2-22Evaluating Whether Reviewing a Prior Claim(s) File Is Necessary
I-3-2-23Appeals Council Actions When Case Contains an Unadjudicated Claim
I-3-2-24Handling Information Submitted or Associated in a Claim(s) File About a Person Other Than a Party to the Proceeding
I-3-2-25Allegations of Unfairness, Prejudice, Partiality, Bias, Misconduct, or Discrimination by Administrative Law Judges
I-3-2-30Disqualification and Referrals of Medical Experts, Vocational Experts, or Consultative Examiners
I-3-2-35Analyst Referrals of Possible Policy or Procedure Issues
I-3-2-36Excluded Medical Sources of Evidence
I-3-2-40The Internet and Case Adjudication
I-3-2-50Administrative Law Judge Recommended Decisions
I-3-2-51Claimant Asks to Withdraw or Dismissal Criteria Present After Court Remand
I-3-2-60Single or Separate Final Action Documents for Claims With the Same or Different Titles