I-4-4-10.Association of Documents, Files, and Transcripts

Last Update: 12/8/17 (Transmittal I-4-77)

A. Date Stamping New Materials

The Court Case Preparation and Review Branch (CCPRB) support staff responsible for handling a court case will date stamp any materials received concerning the court case. The staff will then ensure that the materials contain the correct Social Security number (SSN). If the new materials do not contain an SSN, the staff will determine the correct SSN by reviewing CCPRB records or by searching for the claimant's name in the Appeals Review Processing System. If the staff cannot locate the SSN, they will try to obtain the SSN by contacting the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) location with jurisdiction over the case, the claimant's representative, or the claimant.

B. Associating New Materials with the Claim(s) File of the Pending Court Case

For electronic claim(s) files, CCPRB support staff will scan any new materials into the appropriate section of the electronic folder.

For paper claim(s) files, CCPRB support staff will request the claim(s) file using the procedures in Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law (HALLEX) manual I-4-1-12 B. If the claim(s) file cannot be located but a certified administrative record (CAR) was sent to OGC, the staff will contact OGC to obtain a copy of the CAR to reconstruct the file.


If CCPRB support staff receive additional materials related to a prematurely filed court case, staff will not request the paper claim(s) file. The staff will forward the materials to the appropriate component with jurisdiction over the case.

Upon receipt of the paper claim(s) file or CAR, CCPRB support staff will associate the new materials with it.

Once the new materials have been associated with the claim(s) file, the CCPRB support staff will assign the case to an analyst for review using the procedures in HALLEX I-4-1-15 D.