I-4-4-10.Association of Documents, Files, and Transcripts

Last Update: 02/13/17 (Transmittal I-4-66)

A. Date Stamping and Annotating the New Materials with the SSN

The CCPRB support staff responsible for handling cases in the jurisdiction in which a court case is pending will date stamp any materials received concerning the court case. The support staff will then ensure that the materials contain the correct Social Security Number (SSN). If the new materials do not contain a SSN, the support staff will determine the correct SSN by reviewing CCPRB records or by searching for the claimant's name in the Appeals Council Automated Processing System (ACAPS). If the SSN cannot be located, the staff will try to obtain the SSN by contacting the OGC office with jurisdiction over the case, the claimant's representative or the claimant.

B. Associating New Materials with the Certified Administrative Record or Claim File of the Pending Court Case

After the AC denies a request for review, the CF is kept in OAO's Mega-site for a six-month retention period. If the CF is unavailable in the Mega-site, the support staff must retrieve the CF and associate the new materials with it. If the CF cannot be located, the support staff must contact OGC to obtain a copy of the CAR.