Chapter I-4-4. Processing of ALJ Decision After Court Remand

Table of Contents

I-4-4-1ALJ Decisions After Court Remand: General
I-4-4-5Final Decisions After Court Remand
I-4-4-10Receipt of Decisions After Court Remand
I-4-4-11OAO Processing of Unfavorable and Partially Favorable ALJ Decisions After Court Remand
I-4-4-12Preliminary Consideration of Exceptions
I-4-4-13Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) Actions When Claimant Files Timely Exceptions
I-4-4-14AC Staff Actions on Decisions After Court Remand
I-4-4-15CCPRB Staff Actions After the AC's Action on Exceptions (or Own Motion Review)
I-4-4-20Processing Recommended Decisions After Court Remand
I-4-4-40Processing Protest Cases After Court Remand
I-4-4-50Preparation of Supplemental CAR for Sentence 6 Remands
I-4-4-60Processing Cases in Which Claimant Asks to Withdraw When Claim Is Before the AC or the ALJ Issued a Dismissal or a Recommended Dismissal
I-4-4-99Exhibit - Recording Audit Requirements Chart
I-4-4-100Exhibit - Memorandum dated June 20, 1997 Concerning Recording Audit Requirements
I-4-4-101Exhibit - Summary of Notice Requirements - AC Assumes Jurisdiction
I-4-4-106Exhibit – Sample AC Notice and Decision – ALJ Dismissal After Court Remand – Sentence 6 Case