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HALLEX Volume II, Part 5

Transmittal Sheets

II-5-12June 7, 2021Disability Matters
II-5-11March 25, 2016Disability Matters
II-5-10July 29, 2015Administrative Matters
II-5-09December 14, 2005Appeals Council Interpretations
II-5-08September 2, 2005Appeals Council Interpretations
II-5-07June 5, 1995Disability Matters
II-5-06June 5, 1995Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Matters
II-5-05June 5, 1995Administrative Matters
II-5-04October 30, 1992Appeals Council Interpretations - (1) Right to Hearing When Special Earnings Requirements Were Last Met on a Date Earlier Than That Stated in the Notice of Hearing; (2) Vacating the Administrative Law Judge's Decision When the Appeals Council Grants Review to Remand; (3) Oral Hearing Upon Remand
II-5-03June 19, 1991Appeals Council Interpretations — Substantial Services Test — Self-Employment Earnings
II-5-02June 3, 1991Appeals Council Interpretations - (1) Age Requirements and the Application of the Medical-Vocational Guidelines to Borderline Situations; (2) Express Written Acknowledgement of the Shifting Burden at the Last Step of the Sequential Evaluation Process
II-5-01March 15, 1991Introduction to Appeals Council Interpretations