954.Noncontributory Wage Credits Based on Military Service Before 1957

954.1How are noncontributory wage credits granted to veterans for service before 1957?

Veterans with active military or naval service with the Armed Forces of the U.S. during the World War II period (September 16, 1940-July 24, 1947) or the post-World War II period (July 25, 1947-December 31, 1956) are granted noncontributory wage credits of $160 for each month that the veteran:

  1. Was discharged or released from active service under conditions other than dishonorable, either:

    1. After active service of 90 days or more; or

    2. After less than 90 days' service by reason of a disability or injury incurred or aggravated in service in the line of duty; or

  2. Is still in active service; or

  3. Died while in the active military or naval service (unless death was inflicted as lawful punishment for a military or naval offense by other than an enemy of the U.S.).

954.2Will the noncontributory wage credits be part of the veteran's Social Security record?

The $160 a month noncontributory wage credits for military service are not actually posted on the veteran's Social Security record. However, when benefits are claimed on the veteran's Social Security record, the wage credits are then considered.

954.3How are conditional discharges treated for Social Security purposes?

If an enlisted person received a “conditional discharge” to accept a commission with no break in service, the service is considered as performed in one period.

Last Revised: Jan. 20, 2006