1010.Effective Date of Section 218 Agreement

1010.1When does coverage under a Section 218 agreement begin?

The State decides when coverage will begin. Coverage under a Section 218 agreement (see §1000.2) may begin as early as five years before the year the State modifies its agreement to include the coverage group. Some State laws do not permit the agreement to be retroactive for as much as five years.

1010.2How many effective dates can apply for each coverage group?

Generally, there can be only one effective date for each coverage group. If a retirement system includes: (1) employees of the State; and/or (2) employees of one or more political subdivisions of the State covered as one group, then the State may provide different effective dates for the employees of each participating entity.

1010.3How is the effective date determined under a divided retirement system?

Under a divided retirement system (see §1008), members who did not originally vote for coverage, but later choose coverage, are included on the same date originally provided for the retirement system coverage group.

Last Revised: Oct. 12, 2005