Chapter 10State and Local Employment

Table of Contents
1000. Social Security Coverage for State and Local Government Employees
1001. What type of work is excluded from mandatory Social Security and Medicare coverage?
1002. Terms Defined for Section 218 Agreement Purposes
1003. Social Security and Medicare Coverage Under a Section 218 Agreement
1004. Absolute Coverage Groups
1005. Retirement System Defined
1006. Retirement System Coverage Groups
1007. Social Security Coverage for Police Officers and Firefighters Under a Retirement System
1008. Divided Retirement Systems
1009. What are the procedures for conducting a referendum?
1010. Effective Date of Section 218 Agreement
1011. Can former employees be considered for retroactive coverage?
1012. What types of work are not covered by Section 218 Agreements?
1013. Public Transportation Systems
1014. Does the State have the option of including or excluding certain types of services under a Section 218 Agreement?
1015. Positions Compensated Solely by Fees
1016. Police Officers and Firefighters Not Covered by a Retirement System
1017. Rehired Annuitants
1018. Role of the State Social Security Administrator
1019. Wages Paid Before January 1, 1987
1020. Termination of Section 218 Agreements