1702.Type of Evidence to be Submitted - General

1702.1What types of evidence can you submit to support your claim?

Descriptions of the various types of evidence you should submit with your claim are below:

  1. An original document or a certified copy of the original record. If the document is not original, it should be certified by the custodian of the record. Documents in foreign languages are acceptable and can be translated by Government translators. If you submit a photocopy of a document as evidence, you must also submit the original document for comparison. Otherwise, we will return the photocopy, unless it is certified by the official custodian of the original document to be an exact copy of the original.

  2. A statement of the individual. Where an individual's statement is submitted as evidence, it should be complete and detailed. Submit any supporting evidence if it is available. Statements must be signed but do not need to be notarized. If you sign your statement by mark, two persons who know you need to sign as witnesses.

1702.2What happens if you give false information?

Make sure you have full knowledge of any statement you sign. Be aware that your statement is used for Social Security purposes. Any false statement you make in an attempt to obtain benefits not due you or another person is punishable under the Social Security Act by fine, imprisonment, or both. Other penalties may also apply under another part of the United States Code. (See §142.)

Last Revised: Aug. 9, 2005