Chapter 17Evidence Required to Establish Right to Benefits

Table of Contents
1700. Evidence Requirements
1701. Can information submitted to SSA be disclosed anywhere else?
1702. Type of Evidence to be Submitted - General
1703. What factors do we consider when we evaluate evidence you submit?
1704. When do you need to provide proof of age?
1705. How do you prove your age?
1706. Other Evidence of Date of Birth
1707. How Natural Parent-Child Relationship is Proved
1708. What evidence is required for a child born out of wedlock to be considered yours?
1709. What constitutes as a written acknowledgment of a child?
1710. Does a court decree of paternity prove a child is yours?
1711. Does a court order for support prove a child is yours?
1712. What other evidence proves paternity?
1713. How do you prove a legal adoption?
1714. How Do You Prove a Step-Relationship
1715. School Attendance
1716. Evidence of Ceremonial Marriage
1717. Evidence of Common-Law Marriage
1718. When Evidence of Termination of Prior Marriage is Required
1719. Establishing Termination of Marriage
1720. Evidence of Death
1721. When is a missing person presumed dead?
1722. Felonious and Intentional Homicide
1723. How do you prove that a child is in your care?
1724. What constitutes evidence of support?
1725. Evidence of U.S. Citizenship
1726. Evidence of Wages
1727. What evidence can you submit if your employer's records are not available?
1728. How do we verify your unsigned employer's wage statements?
1729. Union Records
1730. Do certified copies of your State or Federal tax returns constitute evidence of wages?
1731. Do findings by State unemployment compensation agencies constitute evidence of wages?
1732. Statement by Person Knowing About Employment
1733. Personal Records of Worker
1734. Can wages be credited to your record even if you cannot obtain any evidence of wages?
1735. How does IRS help gather evidence?
1736. Are you a self-employed partner?