1706.Other Evidence of Date of Birth

1706.1Can you submit other evidence to prove your date of birth?

If a public or religious record of your birth established before your fifth birthday is not available, we accept other documentation.

1706.2What other evidence can you submit to prove your of date of birth?

Some records you may submit are listed below. These records must show your date of birth or age. This list is not complete or listed in order of importance:

  1. School record;

  2. Census record;

  3. Bible or other family record;

  4. Religious record of confirmation or baptism in youth or early adult life;

  5. Insurance policy;

  6. Marriage record;

  7. Employment record;

  8. Labor union record;

  9. Fraternal organization record;

  10. Military record;

  11. Voting record;

  12. Vaccination record;

  13. Delayed birth certificate;

  14. Birth certificate of child showing age of parent;

  15. Physician's or midwife's record of birth;

  16. Passport;

  17. Immigration record; and

  18. Naturalization record.

1706.3What evidence do you need to submit if you are foreign-born?

If you were born in a foreign country, submit a record of your entry into the U.S. Also, submit your naturalization record, if applicable.