Access to records maintained by the Office of Hearings and Appeals, request under the Privacy Act or the Freedom of Information Act, SSR 92-01p

Accidental death of miner, establishment of widow's entitlement, SSR 73-36, SSR 75-12c

Accidental death of worker, relationship, stepchildren, SSR 85-13c


appeal rights, time limitation for request for hearing, SSR 73-45c, SSR 77-08c
appeals, rule governing the location of hearings, right to representation by attorney, SSR 88-02c
authority to regulate and approve attorney's fees, SSR 72-31c, SSR 72-14c
finality in proceedings involving unrepresented claimants who lack the mental competence to request review, AR 90-04(4)
finality of decision, appeal refusal, SSR 77-28c
finality of decision, earnings record correction, SSR 72-54c
finality of decision, meaning of initial determination, SSR 71-02c
invalidity of judicially imposed deadlines in the appeals process, SSR 84-22c
representation of claimant, fair and impartial hearing, SSR 71-23c
validity of regulation for determining attorney fees, representation of claimant, SSR 90-03c
waiver of right to object, SSR 72-02c

Administrative actions that are not initial determinations, SSR 88-04

Administrative notice of the existence of other work, SSR 82-34c, SSR 83-46c

Administrative review, good cause for missing deadline to request, SSR 95-1p

Administrator or executor, SSR 60-27, SSR 61-43, SSR 63-46

Adoption of adult after worker's death, SSR 66-43

Adoption of child:

after worker's death, by spouse, SSR 78-27
after worker's death, by spouse living in the same household, SSR 61-46, SSR 65-11, SSR 66-43
after worker's death, constitutionality of support exception, SSR 71-43c
after worker's entitlement, dependency requirements, SSR 71-01a
after worker's entitlement to old-age insurance benefits, SSR 70-53c, AR 86-16(2), AR 86-12(9)
agreement to adopt, SSR 66-45
change of domicile, validity of adoption decree, SSR 72-60
dependency of child adopted after worker's entitlement to old-age insurance benefits, estoppel, SSR 83-39a
determination of status of child, contract to adopt, Texas, SSR 88-05c
grandchild, SSR 74-16, SSR 78-27
inheritance rights from natural father, SSR 73-27
institution of adoption proceedings, SSR 65-18
interlocutory decree, SSR 61-18
living in worker's household requirement, SSR 65-37
nonterminating event, SSR 71-41
nunc pro tunc order, effective date of decree, SSR 66-33, SSR 66-22c
relationship of natural father, SSR 69-03
right of inheritance from natural parent, SSR 63-50c, SSR 63-28, SSR 64-27, SSR 66-02
second adoption on an adopted child's continued entitlement to benefits, SSR 91-06
termination of benefits, SSR 69-03
24-month time limit after entitlement of beneficiary, SSR 66-14
unconditional surrender for promise to adopt, SSR 61-63

"Against equity and good conscience," meaning, AR 92-05(9)


attainment of age 18, SSR 63-15
chronological use of age, constitutionality, SSR 82-46c
disability insured status, special age 21 to 31 provision, SSR 69-30, SSR 72-45c
discrimination in employment, back pay, work deductions, SSR 80-30a, SSR 83-07

Agreements, International Social Security totalization, SSR 81-08

Agreements, property, nonexcludable resources, SSR 82-06, SSR 83-30a

Agricultural Act of 1961, payments under wheat and feed grain programs, SSR 62-64

Agricultural labor, cash remuneration, SSR 70-11, SSR 70-10

Agricultural labor, noncash transfers (in-kind payments), SSR 95-3p

Airline pilots, status, SSR 82-03c

Alien agricultural workers, status of service performed, SSR 86-11c

Alien beneficiaries, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, SSR 74-19

Alien, 5-year continuous residence requirement, hospital insurance benefits and special age 72 payments, SSR 72-27

Alien nonpayment provisions, section 202(t) of the Social Security Act, SSR 83-08, SSR 89-12

Alien's sponsor, deeming of income and resources, SSR 82-37

Allocations for ineligible children, SSI, SSR 82-28a

Amount of benefit:

adjustment for retroactive months, SSR 63-04
determining appropriate amount when deemed widow and legal widow are entitled on same earnings record, AR 86-19R(11), AR 86-18R(5), AR 86-02R(2)
family maximum, SSR 62-07
reduced old-age and reduced disability insurance benefits, SSR 69-05
reduced old-age insurance benefit (woman), SSR 62-02
wife's, husband's insurance benefit reduced, SSR 62-21
wife's, reduction before and after age 65, SSR 68-01
wife's and disability, simultaneous, SSR 64-16
wife's and old-age insurance benefits, simultaneous, SSR 69-13
worker entitled to reduced old-age insurance benefit prior to death, widow's insurance benefits, determination of benefit amount, SSR 86-01a

Annual earnings report, good cause for failure to file timely, SSR 73-43

Annual earnings test, SSR 64-62, SSR 64-58, SSR 64-38c

Annulment of a voidable marriage, reinstatement of child's insurance benefits, SSR 81-11c, SSR 84-01

Anti-miscegenation statute, SSR 67-56

Appeal from Administration's refusal to reopen prior final decision, SSR 88-01c

Appeal rights, time limitation, SSR 65-26c, SSR 68-58c, SSR 68-17c, SSR 68-08

Appeals council decisions:

adopted child, dependency requirements, SSR 71-01a
black lung benefits, miner defined, owner of close corporation, SSR 76-25a
black lung claimant, owner of close corporation, SSR 76-25a
compromise settlement of workmen's compensation payments, reduced benefits, SSR 71-15a
deemed marriage provisions, SSR 69-27a
determining entitlement, worker died after August 1981, SSR 85-24a
disability, substantial gainful activity, SSR 76-04a
divorced wife/mother, effect of foreign ex parte divorce decree on court order of support, SSR 73-10a
domestic service, identification of employer, SSR 67-41a
employer-employee relationship, family employment, SSR 76-13a
Federal census records, use as proof of age, SSR 67-38a
proof of age, evaluation of evidence, SSR 75-14a
refusal to reopen prior final decision, judicial review, SSR 84-10c
relationship, decedent domiciled outside U.S., SSR 69-21a
reopening of determination, new and material evidence, SSR 68-12a, AR 87-02(11)
seamen, benefits under Jones Act, SSR 70-57a
Supreme Court direct review of district court decisions, SSR 84-21c
voidable marriage, effect of annulment, SSR 65-03a

Appeals Council dismissal of request for review of administrative law judge decision, AR 92-04(11), AR 99-04(11)

Appeals Council returns pending claims to Disability Determination Services, new medical evidence submitted, AR 97-3(11)

Appeals Council's authority to dismiss a request for hearing, SSR 95-2c

Appeals Council's review authority, ongoing review of hearing decisions, SSR 82-13

Applicability of lawsuit costs as a business expense, work deductions, SSR 83-25c

Applicability of the windfall offset provision, AR 88-04(1)


black lung benefits, SSR 72-08
child married and divorced before filing, SSR 60-01
condition for entitlement, SSR 62-19
disabled widow's benefits, expiration of eligibility period, SSR 74-14c
disabled worker, age 21 to 31, SSR 69-30
filing for all benefits, SSR 76-02
good cause for delayed filing, SSR 61-55
hospital insurance benefits and special age 72 payments, alien 5-year continuous residence requirement, SSR 72-27
modification of initial month of entitlement, SSR 69-19
new, option to file, finding good cause for missing deadline to request administrative review, loss of benefits, SSR 95-1p
old-age insurance benefits, first month of entitlement, SSR 83-42a
oral inquiry, SSR 63-37c, SSR 66-17c, SSR 77-14c, SSR 81-29c
prospective and retroactive effect after reopening initial determination, SSR 66-26
Puerto Rico residents, special age 72 requirements, SSR 74-27c
requirements, SSR 68-68c
restrictions on retroactivity, surviving divorced wife, SSR 83-45a
retroactivity, SSR 72-06, SSR 73-01c, SSR 73-21c, SSR 75-23, SSR 86-17a
retroactivity of application, child's insurance benefits, SSR 79-02c
special age 72 payments, SSR 70-23c
who may file, SSR 62-46
withdrawal, SSR 64-33c, SSR 65-17, SSR 67-36c, SSR 69-24
written withdrawal, validity of requirement, SSR 86-15c

Attachment of benefits prohibited, SSR 73-22c

Attorney, disbarred, representative of claimant, SSR 74-29

Attorney fees, administrative proceedings on remand part of civil action under Equal Access to Justice Act, SSR 92-05c

Attorney fees, calculation and disbursement of accumulated past-due benefits, AR 93-03(6), AR 93-04(2), AR 93-05(11)

Attorney fees, determining past-due benefits, applicability of the SSI offset provision, SSR 86-09c

Attorney fees, timely filing under Equal Access to Justice Act, SSR 92-03c, SSR 94-03c

Attorney fees, validity of regulations, administrative proceedings, SSR 90-03c

Attorney's fees, SSR 62-47, SSR 65-33c, SSR 66-19c, SSR 67-54c, SSR 68-61c, SSR 68-47c, SSR 72-31c, SSR 72-14c, SSR 80-20c, SSR 82-39, SSR 83-27, SSR 85-03, SSR 88-10c

Attorney's fee fixed by Administration, constitutionality, SSR 82-19c, SSR 86-10c

Average monthly wage, exclusion of pre-1965 physician services in computation, SSR 74-12c

Average monthly wage, noncovered employment determination, SSR 74-11c

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