California, action for establishment of paternity entered after death of alleged father, SSR 77-11

Casualty loss to inventory, self-employment, SSR 74-17

Cessation of disability:

self-employment, SSR 64-32
trial work period, SSR 65-62, SSR 70-56c

Child of worker:

acknowledgment in writing, SSR 66-47, SSR 68-54, SSR 72-32, SSR 77-23
adopted child, constitutionality of support exception, SSR 71-43c
adoption by natural mother and spouse, SSR 71-41
child defined, equitable adoption, SSR 65-20c
child in womb, status, SSR 60-09
child of invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 64-42
court decree of paternity, SSR 69-56
dependency on adopting father, SSR 67-03, SSR 69-17
dependency on disability beneficiary, SSR 65-35, SSR 66-14
dependency on natural father, SSR 66-02, SSR 70-22, SSR 73-27
dependency on old-age beneficiary, SSR 70-53c
disavowal of paternity, Louisiana, SSR 89-08c
effect of State court order of paternity on Secretary's determination, SSR 67-32c
equitable adoption, SSR 61-30
foster child, SSR 66-45, SSR 66-11
illegitimate child born after onset of wage earner's disability, constitutionality of eligibility to benefits, SSR 75-04c
illegitimate child, inheritance, clear and convincing evidence of paternity, SSR 86-14c
illegitimate child, living with or contributing support, SSR 77-31, SSR 77-02
inheritance rights under State law, SSR 63-50c
legal adoption after worker's entitlement to disability insurance benefits, dependency requirements, SSR 71-01a
"living with or support of" unborn child, SSR 68-22, AR 94-01(10)
presumption, SSR 62-35, SSR 67-11, SSR 77-24
status under State law, SSR 64-27, SSR 68-73
stepchild, SSR 69-55
stepchild, deemed dependency, invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 77-01c
stepchild, duration requirement, SSR 85-13c
stepchild, priority for underpayment, SSR 70-03
stepchild, termination of entitlement, SSR 73-26c
stepchild, validity of relevant support period, SSR 71-11c

Childhood disability benefits:

appeal from Administration's refusal to reopen, retroactivity of application, SSR 73-21c
determining medical equivalence when child has marked limitations in cognition and speech, SSI, SSR 98-1p
marriage to old-age insurance beneficiary, entitlement precluded, SSR 73-18c
onset of disability prior to age 22, SSR 80-04c, SSR 85-05c

Child's insurance benefits:

adoption by natural mother after entitlement, SSR 91-06
adoption by spouse after wage earner's death, SSR 78-27
annulment of a voidable marriage, reinstatement, SSR 81-11c, SSR 84-01
attainment of age 18, SSR 63-15
attendance at two educational institutions simultaneously, SSR 68-14
child born in wedlock which was neither natural child nor adopted child of the wage earner, SSR 80-27c
child conceived by artificial means after an insured person's death, AR 05-1(9)
child conceived outside of marriage, SSR 66-11
child in womb, status, SSR 60-09
child married and divorced before filing application, SSR 60-01
contract to adopt, determination of status of child, SSR 88-05c
court decree of paternity, SSR 69-56
definition of child, relationship, SSR 79-22, SSR 80-27c
definition of child, relationship, stepgrandchild, SSR 83-38a
dependency at point of time, SSR 66-14
dependency of child adopted after worker's entitlement to old-age insurance benefits, estoppel, SSR 83-39a
dependency on adopting father, SSR 67-03, SSR 69-17
dependency on natural father, SSR 66-02, SSR 70-22
dependency requirements of grandchild, SSR 74-16
disappearance, restriction against payment, SSR 93-03
disavowal of paternity of child, SSR 69-15, SSR 77-24, SSR 84-03
effect of State court order of paternity on Secretary's determination, SSR 67-32c
effective date, adoption decree, nunc pro tunc, SSR 66-33, SSR 66-22c
enrollment in correspondence course, SSR 79-13c
entitlement on more than one earnings record, SSR 83-23a
entitlement on more than one earnings record, effect on mother's insurance benefits, SSR 77-12
equitable adoption, SSR 63-50c, SSR 64-27, SSR 65-20c
family maximum, SSR 62-07
full-time school attendance, SSR 68-69
full-time student, SSR 67-51, SSR 79-13c
grandchild, SSR 78-27
illegitimate child, eligibility, SSR 77-31, SSR 77-02c
illegitimate child, entitlement, SSR 86-14c, AR 86-23(9), AR 86-22(4), AR 86-21(2), AR 86-15(6), AR 86-14(4), AR 86-13(3)
illegitimate child, prospective effect of inheritance statute, Wisconsin, SSR 85-17
illegitimate child, status under State law time limits, AR 97-3(11)
inheritance rights outside of wedlock, SSR 89-09c
inheritance rights prior to adoption, SSR 71-41
intestate succession, child unacknowledged by worker, AR 86-17(9), AR 96-1(6)
issue of invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 64-42
marriage as a bar to reentitlement, SSR 83-36a
marriage as a bar to reentitlement, constitutionality, SSR 79-29c
marriage status at time of filing application, SSR 75-23
oral acknowledgment of paternity, SSR 84-15
overpayment, over age 18 no longer student, SSR 76-20c
presumption of legitimacy of child born during wedlock, SSR 83-37c
presumption of legitimacy rebutted, SSR 80-27c
reduction upon worker's receipt of workmen's compensation payments, SSR 74-09c
reentitlement on same earnings record following marriage and divorce, SSR 67-33
relationship, establishment of paternity nunc pro tunc, SSR 77-11
relationship, inheritance from father, Illinois, SSR 86-14c
retroactive entitlement, SSR 68-68c
retroactivity of application, SSR 73-01c, SSR 79-02c
separation of child from stepparent, SSR 69-55
statutory requirement for pediatrician review, AR 04-1(9)
stepchild, termination of entitlement, SSR 73-26c
stepchildren, deemed dependency, invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 77-01c
stepchild, dependency on wage earner while natural father living, SSR 78-19c
stepchild, dependency requirement, SSR 87-01c
student, nonattendance period, SSR 76-19
student under work-study program, SSR 67-49
support acknowledgment in writing, SSR 77-23
termination, SSR 63-15, SSR 78-10c
termination of entitlement, voidable marriage contracted in Texas -- effect of annulment granted in Arizona, SSR 83-44c
validity of marriage of mentally incompetent individual, SSR 84-07c
work deductions, charging excess earnings in a termination grace year, SSR 85-02c
written acknowledgment of child relationship, SSR 79-22

Child support or alimony, Social Security benefits subject to garnishment, SSR 82-38

Civil Service Retirement Fund, refundable contributions, resources, SSR 81-36

Claimant's failure to exhaust administrative remedies, jurisdiction of court, SSR 73-44c

Claimant's right to subpoena an examining physician for cross-examination purposes, AR 91-01(5)

Claims of creditors, institutionalized beneficiary, SSR 68-18

Coal miner, definition, SSR 75-11

Commissioner's rulings on State's request for review:

Arizona, monies paid by a hospital to a resident doctor, SSR 78-03
California, city of Santa Rosa employees, SSR 73-57
Connecticut, transfer of positions from covered to noncovered retirement system, SSR 74-05
Indiana, county jail cooks, SSR 65-57, SSR 73-17c
Indiana, school bus drivers, SSR 67-12
interest charges for failure to timely pay contributions, SSR 74-30
interest assessment for failure to timely pay contributions, SSR 73-56, SSR 73-55, SSR 75-28
Michigan, Department of Conservation employee, SSR 67-13
Missouri, services and fees of public and deputy public administrators, wage status, SSR 72-36
Missouri, county night watchman, SSR 67-27
Montana, fees received by justices of the peace, SSR 69-61
Nebraska, constables and justices of the peace, SSR 67-44
New York, accident disability payments reported as wages, SSR 78-02
Ohio, effective date of coverage, SSR 77-16
Pennsylvania, services as school dentist, SSR 73-54
Pennsylvania, services performed by justice of the peace, wages, SSR 77-17
Pennsylvania, tradesman's services, independent contractor status, SSR 72-34
West Virginia, policemen of city of New Martinsville, SSR 69-07
Wisconsin, social worker for Department of Welfare on education leave, SSR 71-06

Commissions, life insurance agent's renewal, SSR 71-22

Commissions, real estate salesman, SSR 62-31

Common-law marriage:

family relationships, Illinois, SSR 90-02c
family relationships, Missouri, SSR 89-11c
family relationships, Ohio, SSR 88-14
family relationships, Texas, SSR 86-13c
SSI, SSR 76-27
terminated, conditions of entitlement to widow's insurance benefits, SSR 77-32
terminated, reentitlement to mother's benefits, SSR 73-03c
under State law, SSR 79-23c, SSR 86-13c
under State law, constitutionality of State's nonrecognition, SSR 71-21c
under State law, legal capacity, SSR 71-04
validity, SSR 61-09, SSR 87-05c
validity after removal of impediment, SSR 72-26

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Type I, SSR 03-2p

Compliance with statutory requirement for entitlement, nonestoppel of Administration, SSR 80-29c

Computation of benefit amount:

average monthly wage, noncovered employment involved, SSR 74-11c
deductions, entitlement before age 65, SSR 62-26
deeming of income from a parent, SSI, SSR 85-27c
exclusion of pre-1965 physician services, SSR 74-12c
military service wage credits, SSR 63-29
period of disability, computation rules for workers, SSR 81-26
reduced old-age insurance benefit (woman), SSR 62-02
reduction for maximum, adjustment for retroactive months, SSR 63-04
reduction of primary insurance amount at age 65 if benefits paid prior to retirement age, SSR 77-27c
remuneration allocated on a time basis, SSR 64-62
simultaneous entitlement, two or more benefits, SSR 64-16, SSR 69-13
SSI, proration after period of ineligiblity due to stay in institution, SSR 86-07a
wages, deferred compensation payments, SSR 73-30, SSR 75-02
wages paid after worker's death, SSR 64-08
wife's, reduction before and after age 65, SSR 68-01

Connecticut, transfer of positions from covered to noncovered retirement system, SSR 74-05

Conservation of benefits, SSR 61-23, SSR 64-23, SSR 68-60, SSR 70-41

Constables, justices of the peace, and registrars of vital

statistics, Nebraska, SSR 73-58c

Constitutionality of:

any gainful activity, disabled widows, SSR 74-31c
assignment of quarters of coverage in the year of death, insured status, SSR 83-24c
attorney's fee fixed by Administration, judicial review, SSR 82-19c, SSR 86-10c
deductions from spouse's benefits because of worker's excess earnings, SSR 81-18c
dependency requirement for husband's and widower's insurance benefits, SSR 77-26c
eligibility due to institutional status, SSR 81-34c
eligibility to benefits, illegitimate child born after onset of wage earner's disability, SSR 75-04c
exclusion of service in employ of parent, SSR 85-26c
family maximum where illegitimate child involved, SSR 73-53c
five-month waiting period, SSR 85-20c
government pension offset, husband's insurance benefits, SSR 80-28c, SSR 84-14c
husband's insurance benefits, government pension offset, SSR 80-28c, SSR 84-14c
including periods of noncovered employment in benefit computation years, SSR 74-11c
ineligibility of wife under age 62 with child in her care, wife's insurance benefits, SSR 77-22c
insured status, SSR 78-22c
marriage, living together in the same household, SSR 81-04c
medical-vocational guidelines, ability to perform sedentary work, SSR 82-47c
net earnings from self-employment, rule in community property State, SSR 81-17c
nonentitlement of surviving divorced spouses who remarried, SSR 87-07c
nonpayment of benefits for deportation, SSR 78-21c
prison work exclusion, disability insured status, blindness, SSR 73-47c
reduction of benefits because of receipt of both in-kind income and deemed income, SSR 84-12c
reduction of benefits due to receipt of a rental subsidy, SSR 82-09c
retirement proviso, reduction because of excess earnings, SSR 72-05c
rule in community property State, SSR 81-17c
section 202(n) of the Social Security Act (Deportation), SSCD 60-1
services exempted on religious grounds, exclusions from self-employment, SSR 85-12c
State's nonrecognition of common-law marriages, SSR 71-21c
statute in issue, Supreme Court direct review of district court decisions, SSR 84-21c, SSR 87-10c
suspension of benefits for inmates of penal institutions, SSR 83-28c, SSR 87-02a
termination of child's insurance benefits for marriage to nonbeneficiary, SSR 78-10c
pass-through provision, SSR 82-29c
policemen and firemen, Illinois, SSR 80-03c
suspension of benefits for inmates of penal institutions, SSR 83-28c, SSR 87-02a
use of chronological age, age criterion of the vocational factors regulations, SSR 82-46c
vocational factors regulations, SSR 83-47c
workmen's compensation, reduced disability benefits, SSR 72-37c

Constructive payment of wages, insured status, SSR 73-42, SSR 73-20

Contract for deed, nonexcludable resources, SSR 82-06

Contract to adopt, Texas, determination of status of child, SSR 88-05c

Conviction of second-degree manslaughter, Kentucky, effect on entitlement to survivor's insurance benefits, SSR 89-06c

Corporate officer, work deductions, extent and value of services, SSR 82-16

Correspondence course, SSR 79-13c

Court decree, effect on finding of Secretary, SSR 62-62c, SSR 65-34c

Coverage of services, members of religious orders who work for third parties, SSR 81-38, SSR 85-10c

Coverage of work for Amish employers, SSR 82-44c

Coverage of work for U.S. instrumentalities, employees of national banks, SSR 82-21a

Criminal charges, recipient convicted, SSI, SSR 84-23

Custom marriage, SSR 63-49, SSR 63-48

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