Earnings record:

correction after expiration of time limitation, SSR 72-54c, SSR 72-30, SSR 73-15, SSR 73-06c, SSR 76-32c, SSR 78-20c, SSR 82-20c, SSR 84-02c, AR 86-20(6)
correction, family employment, SSR 74-03a
entitlement of a deemed widow when a legal widow is entitled on same, AR 86-19R(11), AR 86-18R(5), AR 86-02R(2)
entitlement on more than one, SSR 83-23a
evidence needed for correction, SSR 62-11
lump-sum death payment, determining entitlement, SSR 85-24a
report of earnings information, meaning of information, SSR 84-17
revision after final decision, constitutionality of time limitation, SSR 72-55c
time limitation for correction, SSR 62-28, SSR 65-42c, SSR 66-30, SSR 66-08

Educational institution, SSR 67-51, SSR 67-49


due to institutional status, SSI, SSR 81-34c
excess income, deeming of income from a parent, SSR 81-21
excess income, deeming of income from a stepparent, SSR 82-25c
expenses of obtaining income, deeming of income from ineligible spouse, SSR 84-04c
payment of benefits, eligible individual and eligible spouse separate, SSI, SSR 88-11c

Emergency advance payment actions, SSI, SSR 86-03c

Employees of city of Santa Rosa, California, State and local, SSR 73-57

Employees of sheltered workshops in Missouri, State and local, SSR 77-05

Employees of the civilian conservation corps, coverage of work for U.S. instrumentalities, SSR 87-18c

Employer, identifying, SSR 62-29, SSR 67-41a

Employer-employee relationships:

baby-sitter, SSR 61-27, SSR 73-46c
corporate enterprise, SSR 66-31c, SSR 69-37c, SSR 73-42, SSR 73-12
determination by a Federal agency, SSR 64-24c
determination by United States Postal Service, SSR 72-46
disabled patient in work project, SSR 69-46
domestic service, SSR 61-44, SSR 61-06, SSR 62-29, SSR 64-61c, SSR 67-41a, SSR 72-57, SSR 73-31
employee of international organization, SSR 64-62
family employment, SSR 74-03a, SSR 76-13a
independent contractor, SSR 63-52c, SSR 72-34, SSR 73-54
jail cooks, Allen and Vigo Counties, Indiana, SSR 65-57, SSR 73-17c
manufacturers' representative, SSR 75-03c
ordained minister in exercise of ministry, SSR 67-06
patient helpers, SSR 73-13
physician, part-time industrial, SSR 61-06
practical nurse, SSR 62-30
securities salesmen, SSR 72-58
services in sheltered workshop, SSR 69-60
services performed under hospital rehabilitation program, SSR 69-59
State employee granted educational leave, SSR 71-06
status of advertising salesman, SSR 85-11c
status of airline pilots, SSR 82-03c
status of work for a church exempt from income tax, SSR 89-02a
VA patient, SSR 64-15

Employer identity, Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970, SSR 72-33


alien workers, "commuter" status, SSR 86-11c
Amish employers, SSR 82-44c
average earnings, determining substantial gainful activity, SSR 85-05c
bona fides of, SSR 63-42c, SSR 66-31c, SSR 78-28c
"borderline illegal," eligibility for benefits, corroborative evidence of reported earnings, SSR 86-04c
domestic service wage exclusion, SSR 76-12c
exclusion of service in employ of parent, SSR 85-26c
Federal-civilian overtime payments, disability insured status, SSR 76-03c
Federal, determination by Federal agency, SSR 64-24c
job availability test (disability), SSR 64-47c
national banks, excluded from coverage before 1940, SSR 82-21a
ordained minister in exercise of ministry, SSR 67-06
outside the U.S., past work performed in a foreign country, SSR 82-40
services by hospital patient, SSR 69-59
services of members of religious orders who work for third parties, SSR 85-10c
sheltered workshop participant, SSR 69-60

Entitlement to benefits where a person returns to work less than 12 months after onset of disability, AR 88-03(7)

Entitlement to disability benefits for months prior to January 1991 for widows, widowers and surviving divorced spouses claims, SSR 91-03p

Equal Access to Justice Act, administrative proceedings on remand considered civil action for awarding attorney fees, SSR 92-05c

Equal Access to Justice Act, timely filing for attorney fees, SSR 92-03c, SSR 94-03c

Equitable adoption:

agreement not legally enforceable, SSR 66-45
child defined, SSR 65-20c
contract or agreement to adopt, SSR 63-50c

Erroneous payments, recovery, SSR 64-02, SSR 85-09c

Estoppel, misadvice by Administration, SSR 61-55, SSR 64-19c, SSR 64-18c, SSR 70-19c

Estoppel, validity of a Haitian divorce, Texas, SSR 91-04


correction of earnings record, SSR 62-11
death, 7-year absence not unexplained, SSR 76-01c,
determination of date of death, SSR 72-01c
inability to perform previous work, administrative notice under the medical-vocational guidelines, SSR 83-46c
net earnings from self-employment, SSR 70-55c
new and material, good cause for reopening of determination, SSR 68-12a
one-half support, husband, constitutionality, SSR 77-26c
paternity, action for establishment entered after alleged father's death, SSR 77-11
presumption and proof of legitimacy of child, survivors insurance benefits, South Carolina, SSR 81-10c
presumption of lack of wages, SSR 69-57c
presumption of legitimacy of child, absence of father, SSR 77-24
presumption of legitimacy of child, blood tests, SSR 72-25
proof of parent's support, SSR 68-04c, SSR 77-31, SSR 77-02c
"similar fault", possibility of involvement in support of claim, SSR 00-2p
support of child, acknowledgment in writing, SSR 77-23

Excess earnings in grace year, monthly earnings test, scope of review, exhaustion of administrative appeals, SSR 88-16c

Excess earnings, overpayment, SSR 84-09a

Excess earnings, work deductions, SSR 72-05c, SSR 81-18c, SSR 85-02c

Exclusion from resources, land appurtenant to home, SSR 89-03a

Executive clemency after conviction of felonious homicide, SSR 65-25

Expenses attributable to obtaining workers' compensation, SSI, SSR 94-02p

Expiration of insured status subsequent to onset of disability, SSR 74-08c

Extension of time to request hearing or review or begin civil action, SSR 68-17c, SSR 68-08

Extension of title II Social Security coverage to State employees, SSR 87-10c

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