AC Grant Review Actions as a Percentage of All AC Dispositions

Longitudinal report detailing the numbers and percentages of Appeals Council (AC) grant review actions on Requests for Review (RR) of hearing level decisions or dismissals filed with the AC during each of Fiscal Years 2010 – 2018 as compared to the total number of RR dispositions issued during those same years. In response to a RR of a hearing level action, the AC may either deny or dismiss the RR, or grant review of the hearing level decision or dismissal. In this report, grant review actions include when the AC either returns the hearing level decision or dismissal with a remand order for further action, or when the AC issues a new decision.

Download this dataset in the XML format:

Fiscal Year AC Grant Review All AC RR Dispositions Percentage
FY 2010 25,457 102,062 24.94%
FY 2011 31,019 126,992 24.43%
FY 2012 35,135 166,020 21.16%
FY 2013 33,458 176,251 18.98%
FY 2014 26,167 162,280 16.12%
FY 2015 22,912 150,673 15.21%
FY 2016 (52 Weeks) * 20,800 154,402 13.47%
FY 2016 (53 Weeks) * 21,442 159,000 13.49%
FY 2017 19,460 160,776 12.10%
FY 2018 21,909 155,959 14.05%
*For FY 2016, each of the individual reports have a listing for the normal 52 week fiscal year that ended on 9/23/2016 and a second listing to include the extra 53rd week covering the period from 9/24/2016 – 9/30/2016. Most fiscal years have just 52 weeks, however, FY 2016 had 53 weeks, which is an anomaly that occurs every five or six years.



Disclaimer: These data are being made publicly available for research purposes. Any findings and conclusions derived from analyses of these data are attributable to the researcher(s) and do not reflect those of the Social Security Administration.