electronic Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (eCBSV) Service

Information About eCBSV

Section 215 of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, Public Law (PL)115-174, directs Social Security to modify or develop a database for accepting and comparing fraud protection data provided electronically by a permitted entity. In response to this statutory directive, Social Security is creating eCBSV, a fee-based Social Security number (SSN) verification service.

eCBSV will allow permitted entities to verify if an individual’s SSN, name, and date of birth combination matches Social Security records. Social Security needs the number holder’s written consent through a wet or electronic signature in order to disclose the SSN verification.

eCBSV returns a match verification of “Yes” or “No.” If our records show that the SSN holder is deceased, eCBSV returns a death indicator. eCBSV does not verify an individual’s identity.

Social Security will roll out the service to a limited number of permitted entities in June 2020, and plans on expanding the number of permitted entities within six months of the initial rollout. For more information, refer to Notice of an Initial Enrollment Period for Our Electronic Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service.

Note to Interested Commenters:

On December 5, 2019, SSA published a notice in the Federal Register seeking comment on eCBSV’s public information collections under the Paperwork Reduction Act.  You can find this notice at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/12/05/2019-26259/agency-information-collection-activities-proposed-request.  Below we are posting draft versions of the information collection tools referenced in the notice:

DRAFT – eCBSV User Agreement

DRAFT – eCBSV Static Website Content

DRAFT – eCBSV Electronic Consent Signature Requirements

You can submit comments on these documents to:

Social Security Administration, OLCA
Attn:  Reports Clearance Director
3100 West High Rise
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, MD  21235
Fax:  410-966-2830
Email address:  OR.Reports.Clearance@ssa.gov

Alternatively, you may submit your comments online through www.regulations.gov, referencing Docket ID Number [SSA-2019-0052].

To be sure we consider your comments, we must receive them no later than February 3, 2020.