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National Beneficiary Survey (NBS) Round Four

In 2010, we fielded the round-four NBS to two sub-samples: (1) the fourth national survey of all beneficiaries (the Representative Beneficiary Sample) and (2) a cross-sectional Ticket Participant Sample.  Originally, round four was to concentrate on following the Ticket Participant Sample interviewed in earlier rounds and on interviewing new Ticket participants in Phase 3 States.  However, the changes to the TTW regulations in 2008 made it less meaningful to track beneficiaries who participated under the old regulations.  As a result, we did not re-interview Ticket participants from previous rounds in round four.

For round four, we completed interviews with 2,298 individuals in the national sample of beneficiaries and 2,780 from the Ticket Participant Sample, for a total of 5,078 interviews completed across all sub-samples.  The weighted response rate for the Representative Beneficiary Sample was 72.8 percent. The weighted response rate for the Ticket Participant Sample was 71.4 percent.

General NBS Round Four Documentation

The following paper, completed as part of the Ticket to Work (TTW) evaluation, provides a description of the sampling design and the data collection activities for Round 4 of the NBS. This paper includes a description of the survey design as well as tables with descriptive statistics based on NBS data for beneficiaries with disabilities.

2010 National Beneficiary Survey: Methodology and Descriptive Statistics” Final Report.

We are providing the following NBS documentation in PDF format (these documents relate to the full restricted use version of the NBS data, but most of the information in these files is applicable to the public use files as well):
NBS R4 Editing, Coding, Weighting, and Imputation.pdf
NBS R4 Data Editing Report.pdf
NBS R4 User's Guide.pdf
NBS R4 User's Guide Appendices.pdf
NBS R4 Questionnaire.pdf
NBS R4 NonResponse Bias.pdf
NBS R4 Bias in Earnings Report.docx

Public Use Files

The public use files are only available for the Representative Beneficiary Samples for each round.  The Ticket Participant Samples are not available for public use.  For more information on the public use files, visit the public use files page.

Public Use Files Round Four Documentation

We are providing the following NBS documentation in PDF format:
NBS R4 PUF Codebook.pdf

Public Use Round Four Data Files (released June 2012)

We are providing the following NBS data file in SAS 9.1 format:

We are providing the following NBS Data file in CSV format:

For those who have an older version of Excel, we have separated the CSV file into the following five sections: