State(s) / Location(s) Involved

BOND Site Name BOND Site Geography*
Alabama State of Alabama
Arizona/Southeast California State of Arizona, southeastern California
Colorado/Wyoming States of Colorado and Wyoming
DC Metro Washington, DC; suburban Maryland; northern Virginia; northeastern West Virginia
Greater Detroit Southeastern Michigan
Greater Houston Southeastern Texas
Northern New England States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont; northern Massachusetts
South Florida Southern Florida
Western New York Western New York, northern Pennsylvania
Wisconsin State of Wisconsin

*Small areas of each state may not be included.

Start / Enrollment Date

January 2011 through September 2012



The purpose of the Benefit Offset projects is to determine the effect of various interventions, in combination with a benefit offset, on employment outcomes including wages, benefits, hours worked, and job retention. In the benefit offset demonstration, we are testing a $1 reduction in benefits for every $2 in earnings over substantial gainful activity levels, in combination with benefits counseling, with the goal of helping beneficiaries with disabilities return to work. The project will give beneficiaries a gradual reduction in their benefits, eliminating the current abrupt loss of cash benefits under the SSDI disability program when a beneficiary works and has earnings over a specific amount. Participants will maintain ongoing eligibility for health care benefits and other supports linked to SSDI eligibility.

Detailed Description

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We awarded the contract for the implementation and evaluation of the project to Abt Associates in December 2009. We completed start-up tasks in 2010 and began a three-month pilot of the Benefit Offset National Demonstration in January 2011 . Full project implementation began in late April 2011 and will end in September 2017. A final report is due in spring 2018.