Huey Long

Excerpts From Huey Long's
"Second Autobiography"

It may be true that every little boy and girl in America dreams of growing up to be President of the United States. It is certainly true that many prominent politicians harbor such dreams. But only Huey Long would be so brazen as to detail his dreams in a 146-page book published in 1935, on the eve of the 1936 Presidential elections in which Long was expected to be a candidate. In this book, "My First Days in the White House," Huey Long holds imaginary conversations with the nation's power brokers and even names his cabinet appointees and provides the text of the Supreme Court decision that will uphold the constitutionality of his "Share the Wealth" plan. Rarely, if ever, has an American politician be so unguarded in sharing with the nation his little boy dream of someday growing up to be President.

Cover of Huey Long book

All excerpts are from My First Days in The White House, by Huey Pierce Long, The Telegraph Press. 1935.

Chapter 1-
Wherein a New President Takes Office and Outlines a Program to Share Our Wealth

Chapter 2-
Wherein We Arrange to Overhaul and Revive the Nation

Chapter 3-
Wherein We Care for the Soul and Body of a Great Nation

Chapter 4-
Wherein the New President Encounters the Masters of Finance and Destiny

Chapter 5-
Wherein the Masters of Finance are Ours

Chapter 6-
Wherein Rebellion Brews and Fades

Chapter 7-
Wherein We Inspect the Revived and Greater America

Wherein a Digest of the Share Our Wealth Legislation is Contained