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Welcome to Social Security's National Disability Forum (NDF) Webpage.

The NDF is an open forum of Social Security that gives all interested stakeholders an opportunity to share their unique insights on topics of particular interest to SSA early in the process and directly with policy makers. Further, it provides an opportunity for stakeholders to hear from one another. Open to anyone interested, the NDF is not intended to be a means for reaching agreement on an issue, and SSA’s participation is only for the purpose of gaining insight through listening.

This inclusive and collaborative approach helps us develop responsive, effective, and efficient policies in order to empower individuals with a disability, minimize their financial hardship, and ensure proper use of Disability Trust funds. The activities under the NDF supplement, but do not replace, the rule-making process followed by SSA under the Administrative Procedure Act.

We feel that engaging interested parties in a public forum such as the National Disability Forum can help us capture innovative ideas - ensuring that our vision for the disability program continues to keep pace with advances in medicine, technology, health care delivery, and the modern workplace.