San Francisco Region

Regional Public Affairs Office

The Regional Public Affairs Office responds to media inquiries relating to the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs. 


Patricia Raymond, Regional Communications Director

Sue Olsen, Deputy Regional Communications Director

Michael Robles, Senior Public Affairs Specialist

Burr O'Bryant, Management Analyst

Sarah Kim-Lee, Public Affairs Specialist

Keith Thompson, Multi-media Production Specialist


Email & Mailing Address Phone & FAX

Street Address: 1221 Nevin Avenue
Richmond, CA 94801
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4201, Richmond, CA 94804

PH: 510-970-8430
FAX: 510-970-8218

Area Public Affairs Staff

Public affairs specialists are available to educate the public, community organizations, and media contacts about Social Security programs and benefits. They make presentations and speeches about a variety of Social Security issues.

Contact Information AREA
Honolulu, HI Office
855-601-2478 ext. 31348
fax 808-541-3534

Hawaii; Guam; American Samoa; and the Northern Mariana Islands
Las Vegas, NV Office
fax 702-248-8732

Nevada and Riverside, San Bernardino, and Imperial Counties
Westwood, CA Office
866-964-1774 ext. 10402
fax 310-235-7978

Parts of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties
Hanford, CA Office
fax 559-582-8596

Central California

Pomona Valley, CA Office


fax 909-622-5990

Los Angeles County
Bay Area Office
fax 510-637-4027

San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County
Northern Area Office
866-656-5837 ext. 11904

Sacramento/Northern California Area

(Jack) John Burns
Southwest Area Office

Arizona, Co. River Basin, Palm Springs, El Centro, Indio, Morongo Basin, Blythe

Jeffrey Rodriguez
Santa Ana Office

Orange County
Mesa, AZ Office
866-964-7281 ext. 14050
fax 480-649-2569

American Indian Outreach for the entire region
San Diego, CA Office
855-820-0100 ext. 24007
fax 619-557-5740

San Diego County