§ 404.903. Administrative actions that are not initial determinations.

Administrative actions that are not initial determinations may be reviewed by us, but they are not subject to the administrative review process provided by this subpart, and they are not subject to judicial review. These actions include, but are not limited to, an action—

(a) Suspending benefits pending an investigation and determination of any factual issue relating to a deduction on account of work;

(b) Suspending benefits pending an investigation to determine if your disability has ceased;

(c) Denying a request to be made a representative payee;

(d) Certifying two or more family members for joint payment of benefits;

(e) Withholding less than the full amount of your monthly benefit to recover an overpayment;

(f) Determining the fee that may be charged or received by a person who has represented you in connection with a proceeding before us;

(g) Refusing to recognize, disqualifying, or suspending a person from acting as your representative in a proceeding before us (see §§ 404.1705 and 404.1745);

(h) Compromising, suspending or terminating collection of an overpayment under the Federal Claims Collection Act;

(i) Extending or not extending the time to file a report of earnings;

(j) Denying your request to extend the time period for requesting review of a determination or a decision;

(k) Denying your request to use the expedited appeals process;

(l) Denying your request to reopen a determination or a decision;

(m) Withholding temporarily benefits based on a wage earner's estimate of earnings to avoid creating an overpayment;

(n) Determining whether (and the amount of) travel expenses incurred are reimbursable in connection with proceedings before us;

(o) Denying your request to readjudicate your claim and apply an Acquiescence Ruling;

(p) Findings on whether we can collect an overpayment by using the Federal income tax refund offset procedure (see § 404.523);

(q) Determining whether an organization may collect a fee from you for expenses it incurred in serving as your representative payee (see § 404.2040a);

(r) Declining under § 404.633(f) to make a determination on a claim for benefits based on alleged misinformation because one or more of the conditions specified in § 404.633(f) are not met;

(s) The assignment of a monthly payment day (see § 404.1807);

(t) Determining whether we will refer information about your overpayment to a consumer reporting agency (see §§ 404.527 and 422.305 of this chapter);

(u) Determining whether we will refer your overpayment to the Department of the Treasury for collection by offset against Federal payments due you (see §§ 404.527 and 422.310 of this chapter);

(v) Determining whether we will order your employer to withhold from your disposable pay to collect an overpayment you received under title II of the Social Security Act (see part 422, subpart E, of this chapter);

(w) Determining whether provisional benefits are payable, the amount of the provisional benefits, and when provisional benefits terminate (see § 404.1592e);

(x) Determining whether to select your claim for the quick disability determination process under § 404.1619;

(y) The removal of your claim from the quick disability determination process under § 404.1619;

(z) Starting or discontinuing a continuing disability review;

(aa) Issuing a receipt in response to your report of a change in your work activity; and

(bb) Determining whether a non-attorney representative is eligible to receive direct fee payment as described in § 404.1717 of this part.

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