§ 422.125. Statements of earnings; resolving earnings discrepancies.

(a) Obtaining a statement of earnings and estimated benefits. An individual may obtain a statement of the earnings on his earnings record and an estimate of social security benefits potentially payable on his record either by writing, calling, or visiting any social security office, or by waiting until we send him one under the procedure described in § 404.812 of this chapter. An individual may request this statement by completing the proper form or by otherwise providing the information the Social Security Administration requires, as explained in § 404.810(b) of this chapter.

(b) Statement of earnings and estimated benefits. Upon receipt of such a request or as required by section 1143(c) of the Social Security Act, the Social Security Administration will provide the individual, without charge, a statement of earnings and benefit estimates or an earnings statement. See §§ 404.811 through 404.812 of this chapter concerning the information contained in these statements.

(c) Detailed earnings statements. A more detailed earnings statement will be furnished upon request, generally without charge, where the request is program related under § 402.170 of this part. If the request for a more detailed statement is not program related under § 402.170 of this part, a charge will be imposed according to the guidelines set out in § 402.175 of this part.

(d) Request for revision of earnings records. If an individual disagrees with a statement of earnings credited to his social security account, he may request a revision by writing to the Bureau of Data Processing and Accounts, Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD 21235, or by calling at or writing to any social security district office or branch office or, if the individual is in the Philippines, by calling at or writing to the Veterans' Administration Regional Office, Manila, Philippines. Upon receipt of a request for revision, the Social Security Administration will initiate an investigation of the individual's record of earnings. Form OAR–7008, “Statement of Employment for Wages and Self-Employment,” is used by the Social Security Administration for obtaining information from the individual requesting a revision to aid the Administration in the investigation. These forms are available at any of the sources listed in this paragraph. If an individual receives a Form OAR–7008 from the Bureau of Data Processing and Accounts, the completed form should be returned to that office. In the course of the investigation the district office or branch office, where appropriate, contacts the employer and the employee or the self-employed individual, whichever is applicable, for the purpose of obtaining the information and evidence necessary to reconcile any discrepancy between the allegations of the individual and the records of the Administration. See subpart I of part 404 of this chapter for requirements for filing requests for revision, and for limitation on the revision of records of earnings.

(e) Notice to individual of determination. After the investigation has been completed and a determination affecting the individual's earnings record has been made, the Social Security Administration will notify the individual in writing of the status of his earnings record and inform him at the same time of the determination made in his case and of his right to a reconsideration if he is dissatisfied with such determination (see § 422.140).

(f) Notice to individual of adverse adjustment of his account. Written notice is given to an individual or his survivor in any case where the Social Security Administration adversely adjusts the individual's self-employment income. Where, subsequent to the issuance of a statement of earnings to an individual, an adverse adjustment is made of an amount of wages included in the statement, written notice of the adverse adjustment is given to the individual or his survivor. Written notice of the adverse adjustment is also given to the survivor if the statement of earnings had been given to such survivor. The individual or his survivor is requested to notify the Social Security Administration promptly if he disagrees, and he is informed that the adjustment will become final unless he notifies the Administration of his disagreement (if any) within 6 months from the date of the letter, or within 3 years, 3 months, and 15 days after the year to which the adjustment relates, whichever is later.

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