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Chapter I-1-1. Representation of Claimants

Table of Contents

I-1-1-1Representation of Claimants: Overview
I-1-1-2Qualifications of Representatives
I-1-1-3Maintaining and Providing Representative Referral Lists
I-1-1-10Appointing a Representative
I-1-1-11Processing the Appointment of a Representative
I-1-1-20Authority of an Appointed Representative
I-1-1-30Termination of a Representative's Appointment
I-1-1-40Rules Governing the Conduct of Representatives
I-1-1-50Referring a Suspected Violation
I-1-1-52Hearing on the Charges
I-1-1-55Request for Review Before the Appeals Council
I-1-1-57Common Issues After a Suspension or Disqualification
I-1-1-60Reinstatement of a Representative After Suspension or Disqualification