1729.Union Records

1729.1What information is needed on your union records?

When you submit union records as evidence of your wages, the information you submit must include:

  1. Your name and your employer's name;

  2. The beginning and ending dates of employment;

  3. The amount of wages paid;

  4. Breakdown by calendar quarters of amounts shown on union records;

  5. The name and title of the union official giving the information and the name and local number of the union;

  6. Whether the amounts shown in the records were reported by the employer, shop steward, or you, etc.; and

  7. Intervals at which the reports are made.

1729.2Are the amounts on your union records dues rather than wages paid?

If the amounts shown on your union records are dues rather than wages paid, the information should show whether:

  1. The dues are fixed or based on wages actually paid to you; and

  2. Any charges not related to wages are also included in the dues figure.

1729.3Are the amounts on your union records total wages?

If the amounts shown on your union records are total wages, the evidence should show whether:

  1. They are the actual wages paid; or

  2. They were figured by using the prevailing union rate of pay.

Last Revised: Jul. 1, 2004