"Hearing on the record" in lieu of "oral" hearing, prison inmate, SSR 77-04

Hearings and appeals:

black lung, accidental death, SSR 76-36c
black lung benefits, SSR 76-06c, SSR 76-05c
black lung benefits, owner of close corporation, SSR 76-25a
black lung claimant, mine employee prerequisite for eligibility, SSR 76-24c
black lung, coke yard employment, SSR 76-37c
child over age 18 no longer student, SSR 76-20c
court remands involving Listings 12.05 and 112.05, AR 03-1(7)
death evidence, 7-year absence, SSR 76-01c
disability benefits terminated prior to hearing, SSR 76-23c
disability issues determinable by Secretary in single hearing, SSR 74-06c
disability reduction, workmen's compensation, SSR 76-34c
disability, res judicata, SSR 71-32c
disability, substantial gainful activity, SSR 76-04a
dismissal of request, res judicata, SSR 65-07c
domestic service wage exclusion, SSR 76-12
family employment, SSR 76-13a
Federal-civilian overtime payments, SSR 76-03c
finality of decision, res judicata, SSR 70-31c
judicial review, referral to U.S. Magistrates, SSR 76-14c
nonattorney disqualified as representative of claimant, SSR 74-29
ongoing review of hearing decisions, SSR 82-13
oral hearing, prison inmate, SSR 77-04
parent's dependency, black lung, SSR 76-38c
place of hearing, SSR 77-03c
prerecoupment oral hearings, SSR 79-30c, SSR 94-04p
prison inmate, oral hearing, SSR 77-04
reopening of determination, res judicata, SSR 68-12a
representation of claimant, fair and impartial hearing, SSR 71-23c
request, time limitation, SSR 73-45c, SSR 77-08c, SSR 95-1p
right to representation, SSR 69-38c
rights on second claim, SSR 63-41
rule governing the location of hearing, right to representation by attorney, SSR 88-02c
selection of hearing examiners out of rotation, SSR 79-03c
self-employment, deduction, SSR 76-21c
self-employment, exclusions, services exempted on religious grounds, waiver of benefits, SSR 83-02a
self-employment income, conclusive after expiration of time limitation, SSR 76-32c
self-employment, nonprofessional fiduciary administering relative's estate, SSR 76-31c
State and local, wages -- sick pay, SSR 76-22c
statutory requirement for pediatrician review, AR 04-1(9)
time limitation on request, SSR 65-26c, SSR 68-08, SSR 77-08c
waiver of right at administrative level, SSR 72-02c

Hearsay medical evidence, medical advisers, SSR 71-53c

Holocaust survivors, proof-of-age requirements, SSR 81-16

Homicide conviction, preclusion of benefits, SSR 75-25c

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), duration requirement, SSR 93-02p

Husband's insurance benefits:

dependency requirement, constitutionality, SSR 77-26c
divorced husband's benefits, SSR 79-36
government offset, constitutionality, SSR 80-28c, SSR 84-14c
government pension offset, one-half support, pooled income, SSR 84-20a

Husband-wife partnership, SSR 73-32

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