"Mail-order" divorce, effect on subsequent marriage, SSR 62-68

Maintenance allowances paid to incapacitated seamen, SSR 80-21


affinity, deemed valid marriage, SSR 80-1a
annulment, "divorce a vinculo matrimonii," SSR 69-1
annulment of, SSR 63-2, SSR 65-39, SSR 65-03a, SSR 81-11c
annulment, voidable, effect on entitlement, SSR 84-1
anti-miscegenation statute, SSR 67-56
ceremony to solemnize relationship, SSR 74-10
common-law, SSR 71-4, SSR 72-26, SSR 79-23c, SSR 86-13c, SSR 88-14, SSR 90-02c
common-law marriage, matrimonial intent, SSR 61-9
common-law, recovery of erroneous payments, SSR 83-26a
consanguineous, validity under State law, SSR 68-62
deemed, entitlement as spouse, SSR 71-55, SSR 80-09c
deemed marriage provisions, SSR 67-25, SSR 69-27a
disabled child to nonbeneficiary, child's insurance benefits terminated, constitutionality, SSR 78-10c
disabled child to old-age insurance beneficiary, SSR 73-18c
divorce, "a vinculo matrimonii," SSR 80-09c
divorce obtained outside of State, validity, SSR 61-8
duration and continuity of marriage, SSR 67-55
duration of marriage requirement, SSR 71-21c, SSR 72-52, SSR 75-24c, SSR 81-2
duration of marriage requirement, divorced spouse, government pension offset, SSR 82-15a
first cousins, SSR 63-20
foreign divorce, termination, SSR 66-1
foreign proxy marriage, validity, SSR 71-44
invalid ceremonial, stepchildren, SSR 77-01c
living together in the same household, constitutionality, SSR 81-04c
Mexican divorce, SSR 61-65, SSR 62-68, SSR 62-37, SSR 66-1
one-year duration requirement, SSR 67-58
parties estopped to deny validity of divorce, SSR 61-65
presumption of validity, SSR 62-37, SSR 62-36, SSR 66-44, SSR 66-34, SSR 66-12c, SSR 68-63, SSR 72-61
presumption of validity of the last marriage, Georgia, SSR 85-04c
procedural defect, SSR 63-49, SSR 63-48, SSR 64-42
putative spouse, SSR 80-2
reentitlement, child's insurance benefits, SSR 83-36a
reentitlement of child between ages 18-22 on same earnings record precluded after divorce, SSR 67-33
reentitlement to mother's benefits, effective date of divorce, SSR 67-4
reentitlement to mother's benefits, termination of common-law marriage, SSR 73-03c
remarriage, conflict of law, SSR 66-4
remarriage of widow before age 60, SSR 70-19c
separation, effect on SSI, SSR 76-28
status at time of filing application, child's benefits, SSR 75-23
termination, purported foreign divorce, choice of law, SSR 88-15c
unrecorded divorce decree, SSR 70-21
validity, effect of court order on findings of Secretary, SSR 62-62c, SSR 65-34c
validity, legal capacity under State law, SSR 80-2
validity, marriage of mentally incompetent individual, SSR 84-07c
validity, members of same sex, SSR 78-11
validity, removal of impediment, Illinois, SSR 83-40
validity, State law, SSR 84-18
validity, violation of State law, SSR 67-25
voidable, effect on entitlement, mentally retarded individual, New York, SSR 80-8
voidable marriage contracted in Texas, effect of annulment granted in Arizona, termination of entitlement, SSR 83-44c
voidable, underage, effect on entitlement to benefits, SSR 72-49

Material participation:

agent, SSR 65-8
agreement for, SSR 65-09c
criteria, SSR 61-7, SSR 64-25c
legislative history, SSR 63-45c
owner or tenant of land, meaning, SSR 65-27
sharecrop, SSR 63-43
subsidy payments, SSR 62-64, SSR 63-19c

Maximum family benefits, constitutionality where illegitimate child involved, SSR 73-53c

Medical advisers, heresay medical evidence, SSR 71-53c

Medical impairments that are not severe, SSR 85-28

Medical-vocational rules and guidelines:

capability to do other work, SSR 83-14, SSR 83-12, SSR 83-11, SSR 83-10, SSR 85-15
constitutionality, ability to perform sedentary work, SSR 82-47c
inability to do other work, SSR 82-63
inability to perform previous work, SSR 83-46c
use of the age factor, disability determinations, AR 88-01(11)

Mental incapacity and good cause for missing the deadline to request review, SSR 91-05p

Mexican divorce, effect on subsequent marriage, SSR 61-65, SSR 62-68, SSR 62-37, SSR 72-61

Mexican divorce, jurisdiction, SSR 66-1

Michigan Department of Conservation, SSR 67-13

Michigan statute, reduction for receipt of workmen's compensation payments, SSR 74-21c

Military service wage credits:

allowance of, SSR 60-16
computation of benefits, SSR 63-29
correction of service records, SSR 62-13
deemed wages, SSR 69-47
disability insured status, SSR 65-12, SSR 79-15c
effect of benefit awarded by another Federal agency, waiver of recovery, SSR 82-22
foreign country, service for, SSR 64-12
other Federal benefit, SSR 61-49, SSR 64-64, SSR 70-13
presidential pardon after dishonorable discharge, SSR 68-11
retired pay, SSR 70-13

Ministers, coverage of ministerial services performed outside the United States, SSR 83-41c

Ministers, rental value of parsonage in net earnings, SSR 72-6

Ministers, services performed in exercise of ministry, SSR 67-6

Misadvice, not grounds for estoppel, SSR 61-55, SSR 64-19c, SSR 64-18c, SSR 70-19c, SSR 80-29c

Misleading, incorrect, or incomplete information, consequences of reapplying for benefits in lieu of seeking review of determination, SSR 95-1p

Misnomer of parties, validity of divorce decree, SSR 68-2, SSR 70-33

Missouri, services and fees of public administrators and deputy public administrators, wage status, SSR 72-36

Missouri, status of services of patients and other individuals in State owned and operated sheltered workshops, SSR 77-5

Monthly earnings test, retirement benefits, excess earnings in grace year, SSR 88-16c

Monthly expenses exceed monthly benefit amount, SSR 87-16c

Mother's insurance benefits:

adjustment for retroactive months, SSR 63-4
divorced wife, court order of support, SSR 73-10a
family maximum, SSR 62-7
family relationships, common-law marriage, SSR 79-23c
homicide conviction, effect on entitlement, SSR 75-25c
"in her care," SSR 64-3
reentitlement after remarriage and divorce, SSR 67-4
reentitlement after void remarriage, SSR 63-2
reentitlement, termination of common-law marriage, SSR 73-03c
remarriage to beneficiary, effect, SSR 65-39
requirements for entitlement, effect of dual entitlement of child, SSR 77-12
surviving spouse defined, SSR 65-11
termination due to remarriage, SSR 66-4
validity of divorce obtained outside State, SSR 65-4
voidable marriage, SSR 66-34
voidable marriage, effect of annulment, SSR 65-03a

Motor license agents in Oklahoma, SSR 68-23

Municipal employees, police and firemen, Illinois, constitutionality, SSR 80-03c

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