Obesity,SSR 00-3p,SSR 02-1p

One-half support:

change in the support circumstances, SSR 87-01c
contribution in kind, SSR 61-02
husband's requirement, constitutionality, SSR 77-26c
husband's requirement, government pension offset, SSR 80-28c, SSR 84-20a
investment income, government pension offset, SSR 85-01
parent's proof, SSR 63-16, SSR 64-19c, SSR 64-18c, SSR 68-04c, SSR 75-26c
personal service, value, SSR 60-23
validity of relevant period, SSR 71-11c

Onset of disability, expiration of disability insured status, SSR 68-64c, SSR 69-38c

Option for computing farm income, SSR 62-32

Oral hearing, prison inmate, SSR 77-04

Oral inquiry, application for benefits, SSR 63-37c, SSR 66-17c, SSR 77-14c, SSR 81-29c

Ordained minister in exercise of ministry, SSR 67-06


beneficiary not without fault, SSR 64-02, SSR 65-41c, SSR 87-15c
child over age 18 no longer student, SSR 76-20c
deceased beneficiary, liability of widow, SSR 70-54
determination of liability, recovery, SSR 86-19
determining overpayment amount, waiver of adjustment or recovery, SSR 81-19a
liability of a legattee of an estate, SSR 86-02, SSR 87-08
liability of a representative payee, SSR 84-06a
liability of auxiliary beneficiaries, waiver of recovery and adjustment, SSR 85-25a
penalty deductions under section 1631(e)(2), SSR 82-69
person residing outside the U.S., SSR 87-4
prerecoupment oral hearings, SSR 79-30c, SSR 94-4p
recovery or adjustment, SSR 65-24, SSR 79-30c, SSR 94-4p
representative payee liability, SSR 64-7
status of travel expenses, waiver of recovery, SSR 74-28
waiver of recovery or adjustment, SSR 64-07, SSR 87-03c
waiver of the overpayment under section 204(b) of the Social Security Act, SSR 87-15c
without fault, SSR 75-20, SSR 88-06c
work deductions, extent and value of services, retirement, SSR 88-12c

Overpayments and underpayments, when payment errors calculated, SSR 92-07c

Owner or tenant of farm, SSR 65-27

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